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  1. I'm taking delivery of my CT next week!! ?

    Just like the title says folks, I'm getting an early edition CT (two actually) next week! Thank goodness they didn't cancel the truck altogether, thank you Uncle Elon!! ? Reviews to come after delivery ?
  2. Are you getting comprehensive insurance coverage on your Cybertruck?

    Hey guys and gals! I've read a few interesting comments on insurance for the CT lately and one topic that's coming up is whether or not to get comprehensive coverage, and just sticking with liability coverage. In almost all but a few rare cases supposedly, comprehensive coverage is optional...
  3. Double CT charging speed with bidirectional 240v?

    The title might be confusing, but I just thought of an idea. We know the CT will have 240v onboard. What if it was bidirectional in nature (likely not, but imagine with me here) and had the ability to also charge the CT like a 15-50 extension cord from your wall to the CT? In theory, you could...