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    Stainless steel rolls spotted during delivery to Giga Texas today (9/20/22) ?

    From Way Back on page two... I think that they will be able to punch very large holes out of larger pieces and end up with less waste than you imagine. I know from doing drywall with many triangular cuts under roof trusses, or above steps, that the cut-out piece that might otherwise be...
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    Off Road Dreaming

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Without a doubt the Cybertruck is going to be the most capable (mass market) off-road vehicle of all time. You have electric motors producing far higher torque than ever seen before, at any wheel speed, while computers with millisecond precision...
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    Only one tailgate option. Why?

    When I saw the way he pulled the ramp out at the unveiling, my first thought was "he's gonna smash his fingers on the ground"... and stowing the two sections of ramp away, that looks way too easy way to get your fingers pinched. I would put a few dollars down on a bet that there will be a...
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    Several nice pics here
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    Thats what I get for not reading the forums every day.
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    TFL Truck F-150 lightning Ike gauntlet

    You are telling only half the story. In 98 percent of cases, after driving uphill for a distance, you are going to get some downhill regenerative power restored to your battery. I imagine towing a trailer downhill will add a lot more than the usual regenerated power.
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    LFP Cybertruck

    LFP isn't just a little more durable than other chemistries, it's A LOT more durable. 2500 or more cycles is easily acheivable if the battery isn't abused. Nickel chemistries are very lucky to get 1000 cycles, even if babied. Your "million mile battery" is LFP, no other chemistry. LFP...
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    Cyber Rodeo Announced For Giga Texas @ April 7!

    Putting in my TWENTY TWO CENTS.... Somebody goin to the rodeo should take some pocket change and figure out exactly how thick the exoskeleton steel is. Stick a Penny and a Dime next to each other and then put that next to an edge of the stainless steel. I'm thinking that's the correct...
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    Would Cybertruck Look Good with Chrome Wheels / Rims - Scale Preview

    I'll bet that Tesla comes up with the right alloy for stainless rims. "If there was something better, we would use it" Is there something better?
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    KING KONG cybertruck wiper not very is how to produce the look this trucks deserves...

    I'm worried that with magnets on the inside and outside of the glass being the only thing holding the wiper on... someone could simply walk by, pop it off, and walk away with your wiper. I don't like it in high winds either. Magnets strong enough to prevent these problems lead to other...
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    This is Hilarious : "Ford Keeps Laughing at Tesla..."

    Not a single one of you have mentioned Ford's choke point to volume production. Batteries. That is also Tesla's choke point at this time, but for how long? Can Ford buy enough batteries of high enough quality to reach 80,000 vehicles per year? Buying batteries throws away a lot of the profit...
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    Total Solar Eclipse in Austin Texas, Apr 8, 2024 at 1:37 pm

    That xJubeir website is run by a man with a passion. When it gets close to an eclipse in a big country, it becomes one of the most visited sites on the internet. He serves many large images and when it gets really hot, he has to pay thousands of euros per month for his web hosting service. If...
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    Total Solar Eclipse in Austin Texas, Apr 8, 2024 at 1:37 pm

    A few links. More maps here. Also be sure to check out the Annular Eclipse of October 14, 2023, which passes 100 or so miles south of Austin. It...
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    EV sales have doubled. Is a ‘tidal wave’ coming?

    The flip side of this record. Adaption, not Adoption. We are still inching up on "Infrastructure Constraints".
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    OMG! They know!

    The invention of effective pistols created a period with a lot more assassinations. Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination started World War I, is the most famous victim, but hardly the only one. We’re in the start of a new Golden Age of Assassination. Drones will get smaller, more...
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    EV sales have doubled. Is a ‘tidal wave’ coming?

    Here's the source. It's nice, you can click on each technology and see it's graph by itself. Electric Vehicle adoption will be fast, but it won't be a tsunami, because people need to install chargers, and the car makers are somewhat inflexible.
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    EV sales have doubled. Is a ‘tidal wave’ coming?

    This chart has been used so much over the years that I can't find it's origin. It tells this story. Once a new technology reaches a certain critical mass of adoption, about fifteen percent, everybody wants it. The pace of adoption has increased over time. Electric vehicles outperform ICE in...
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    OMG! They know!

    I can't read a post by John K without thinking about SPUMCO. Anyway, here's some robots.
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    OMG! They know!

    And they have been lying to you for a very, very long time.
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    Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so AFTER WE GET THE 8000 TON CASTING MACHINE RUNNING!

    Crissa's skepticism is well warranted. Are these additions even big enough and contiguous enough for an assembly line? If it is, could it be the roadster? I think this line from the article is prescient. "GA4.5 Battery Marriage Tool Improvement." That's what they are trying to do. Bring the...