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  1. tmeyer3

    Is the Big Wiper Final?

    I'm all about that form over function comment. Don't care if it's a BAW, as long as it's a BAW that works and is reliable. I mean, I'm already planning on driving a stainless steel door wedge.... Why WOULDN'T I want a wiper taller than me?!
  2. tmeyer3

    Cybertruck Appearance @ Annual Shareholder Meeting in Texas

    Sadly, I doubt this is possible since the single motor version has reportedly been removed from the plan. Good thing I'm after the quad motor now 😃
  3. tmeyer3

    Charging station for home/work

    Unfortunately, the highest they go currently is 50 on the adapters :cry: Only way to get 60 is the full wall mount dedicated charger. Maybe that will change in the future though!
  4. tmeyer3

    Charging station for home/work

    uh, ok. (y) I really wasn't trying to make a "how to wire breakers" tutorial out of it.
  5. tmeyer3

    Charging station for home/work

    Unfortunately, 50A won't let you charge at the advertised 48A max home charging. You need a full 60A breaker. It's something like 10-15%. So a nema 14-50 will actually max out at 32A. Even if you wire it up to 60A (probably shouldn't), the car will know you're plugging in to a 14-50 and cap at...
  6. tmeyer3

    Charging station for home/work

    The underlying problem is that everyone's needs are very different. Are you a daily long distance driver? Do you live in a high risk fire/tornado/tsunami area ( I think, at home, what you NEED is so subjective lol. But there's nothing wrong with a drip charge if that matches your lifestyle.
  7. tmeyer3

    Tesla Wrapping Service Coming For Cybertruck? Just Launched in China

    I kind of love this idea over-all. Why can't wraps take the place of paint? I mean, think about it. A quality wrap is around $500-800, lasts 5 years (and by lasts, I mean looks new), and completely off-loads a huge car manufacturing cost. They just make sense. Instead of painting cars all sorts...
  8. tmeyer3

    AI Driver

    W Well, I mean.... they did automate ISS docking. Just saying, but I'm sure you'll want to pay attention all the same.
  9. tmeyer3

    Cybertruck Frunk

    Oh, cool car! Which model VW has a frunk? I'm not super VW wise. Yeah, more storage with no penalty on power. I grew up fixing cars, so I'm totally a fan of not having a crate engine in the front!
  10. tmeyer3

    Tesla should contact customers in RESERVATION # ORDER, regardless of motor choice... right?

    Great car. First big car purchase I made *new* was a model 3. That scared the shit out of me. Best financial choice in a while. In the US cars are critical to success as we don't have the reliable public transportation just about every other country has--and we're a young county with a TON of...
  11. tmeyer3

    CT rear bumper is not a bumper

    I wonder if the bumper is strong enough to hold the hinge? But all very good observations. It'll be interesting to see!
  12. tmeyer3

    CT rear bumper is not a bumper

    Hmm, I have never seen an aftermarket plastic skid plate on a full size, 1.5 ton+ vehicle. Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, sure. Plastic bumpers, sure. But I'm also not in to pro motorsports.
  13. tmeyer3

    CT rear bumper is not a bumper

    Well skid plates and bumpers are normally different. Skid plates are usually plate steel to protect delicate/crushable things like gas tanks and exhaust systems from punctures or crushing. None of which do the CT have ? Which is why I posted this begin with. I assume the battery casing will be...
  14. tmeyer3

    Ford CEO On Mustang Mach-E Vs. Tesla Model S Plaid Drag Race: “A Good Idea”

    Well here's a model Y vs a mach e. Not sure which trim that mach e is though.
  15. tmeyer3

    CT rear bumper is not a bumper

    Totally. But it is a Tesla prototype. There's a good chance they'll look like that in prod
  16. tmeyer3

    This may be Cybertruck's 2B stainless steel. Updated Scratch and Sniff* test.

    Might just have to embrace the grunge look? Honestly, I'm not sure brushed finish would look right even if the sheets were done right. It would be difficult to get those lines to match up nicely in the creation of the truck. And brushing it after being assembled would be a nightmare.
  17. tmeyer3

    Car and Driver: It's Not Just Tesla: All Other Driver-Assist Systems Work without Drivers, Too

    Totally! I have noticed this, which is why I have lane change confirmation on all the time. It makes suggestions, but I have to confirm for it to proceed. Definitely room for improvement, looking father ahead in multiple lanes.
  18. tmeyer3

    CT rear bumper is not a bumper

    Not sure why this took me so long to notice, but this post from @Mini2nut contains the following picture of the rear bumper assembly There are other threads about bumper materials and potential...
  19. tmeyer3

    Stainless Steel in Hot Sun

    I bet! That's pretty funny really... Who hasn't seen back to the future?? I would LOVE to get ride in a DeLorean! I've never even seen one in person.
  20. tmeyer3

    Car and Driver: It's Not Just Tesla: All Other Driver-Assist Systems Work without Drivers, Too

    Strange, I use FSD on very busy, high-speed freeways all the time. I can't remember the last time I manually changed lanes in my M3.