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  1. Timoj

    Right to repair; Sustainable prioritisation

    Tesla has been reticent to supply parts to individual consumers in some situations. Where do we (as consumers) see the balance between Tesla protecting IP, and public liability and the perceived needs of third party repairers and DIYers? There could be a great safety resource through companies...
  2. Timoj

    Winch - What is the priority?

    What is the priority when thinking about a winch for the Cybertruck? I’m not posting here to illicit a debate over which brand is better or definitive arguments over which drive mechanism electric, PTO, hydraulic or compressed air is superior. (Yes, highly likely an electric direct drive motor...
  3. Timoj

    Rate My Feature Request / Options list?

    Does this site have a itemized, collated and member rated list of all the features we would like to see on Cybertruck? There are many posts about individual products and UI features we would like to see, but I think it would be valuable to see a list of our preferences for such items. The...
  4. Timoj

    Amphibious Cybertruck

    Imagine to your hearts content. How is this actually going to work? How would these accessories integrate into Cybertruck?
  5. Timoj

    Will it get here Cybertruck get to Australia?

    Various media outlets today (04/08/2020) are pushing the idea that Cybertruck will ONLY be sold in the USA. I call BS. Thoughts?
  6. Timoj

    Moveable Wifi camera?

    The use cases for this is probably not limited to Cybertruck. Elon has confirmed a Wifi link to integrate additional cameras to sentry suite/ visual aids. User Interface/Software should be able to; (IMHO) Accept multiple feeds Selectable feeds Access to feed through Tesla app. Integration with...