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  1. azjohn

    Dual Motor CT will be $75K. Change my mind.

    You forgot to use the Steven Crowder meme
  2. azjohn

    Tesla supplier CATL announces new MP3 battery with 430 miles of range

    According to the article they used CLTC which is even more forgiving than WTLP CLTC is 15-25% higher than WTLP WTLP is 11% higher than EPA I am guessing around 300 miles EPA
  3. azjohn

    You tube reviewers wtf

    Only reason for loyalty apps is so you can be tracked why not just give you the cheaper price to begin with?
  4. azjohn

    You tube reviewers wtf

    For me that’s not a good reason “ because gas stations do it”. I have a Sheetz card and the only reason I do is for the 8 cents off a gallon if I use it and most of the time I don’t use it. I would gladly have a much simpler system but it doesn’t exist for gas stations. Right now the Tesla SC...
  5. azjohn

    You tube reviewers wtf

    The goal of adop is to convince ICE owners fast charging is as simple as pumping gas, the Tesla Superchargers are but the CCS style is not with multiple cards or apps needed it needs to be simplified have 1 that all the charging companies has to accept to being the standard and instead of a card...
  6. azjohn

    You tube reviewers wtf

    Clean energy or not if the government sees they are losing money they will make adjustments to see they get theirs
  7. azjohn

    Solar range extender prototype

    What's the price? under $40K?
  8. azjohn

    No Resale on the Lightning

    I belong to some Lightning groups and owners have reported that not all dealerships require you to sign the agreement. There have been some crazy resale prices, the worst I have seen was $150K for a Pro model ($40K MSRP)
  9. azjohn

    Starlink satellite launch

    From the FB groups I belong people ordered the RV dishes who we’re getting tired of waiting for a residential system. According to Starlink FAQ the residential dishes have priority in a given area. So far the speeds have been comparable to a residential dish and if you buy a RV dish the service...
  10. azjohn

    Starlink satellite launch

    Update got my dish in April and happy with the service, IME the obstruction portion of the app is overly conservative and wanted my to install 40 ft a away for no obstructions. A dish installer I know had told me to take the app with a grain of salt. So before I dug a hole for the pole mount, a...
  11. azjohn

    Does Stainless Steel shield EMP?

    it’s great to hear about your old military days it always puts a smile on my face
  12. azjohn

    Starlink satellite launch

    I have been waiting for Starlink. Living in the country my options is Viasat, Hughes Net and cellular based. First it was supposed to be by summer 2021 than by winter 2021 and now April 2022. I belong to a few Starlink groups on FB and has some people who claim that they reserved when I did Feb...
  13. azjohn

    Ego Zero Turn Mower

    I am very happy with the JD. I put over 50 hrs on it since last April. If the Ego was bigger it would have been a tougher decision. The JD dealer is about 5 miles from me it’s about to go in for an oil change and blade sharpening. They will pick up and drop off when they are done
  14. azjohn

    StarLink for CT Tesla

    I read an article this past weekend of a Dishy at a SC station. They say it’s for customer wifi
  15. azjohn

    StarLink for CT Tesla

    I am expecting Starlink to improve once Starlink 2.0 is live, presently it is being called v .9. Once the lasers are being used the ground stations will be less of an issue
  16. azjohn

    Is the stainless steel used in the Cyber Truck attracted to a magnet or not?

    I have owned my share of SS appliances and a Husky tool cabinet. I will never buy another mostly for keeping it clean especially the tool cabinet. When I was younger I was pretty OCD but as I aged it lessened and now I don’t care. black appliances are a lot less effort to keep clean
  17. azjohn

    Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel look?

    I am thinking of coating the body with Line X ultra or body armor in flat black or camo
  18. azjohn

    Ego Zero Turn Mower

    Compl The only places I have seen Ego products is Lowe’s and Ace Hardware Bought my JD from a dealer that is 5 mins from my house and they will come and pick it up for service if needed which will be every winter for me
  19. azjohn

    Ego Zero Turn Mower

    2 reasons I was cross shopping 1. it takes me a good 1.5 hours to mow the grass and want it to be somewhat pleasurable 2. When you are spending $5k on a mower you want to make sure you will be happy with. John Deere was the brand I was going with originally and than EGO came out with the ZT...