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  1. SwampNut

    Autopilot is way too conservative about unlikely threats...until it's not.

    A common complaint I hear is that AP is way too conservative about situations like this, where you "know" the car will be out of your way when you get there. And I thought that way at first. Except that one day when a hidden pedestrian pops out and the car stops. Would I have hit that car...
  2. SwampNut

    Wait, that doesn't look like a Tesla!

    Found on 101N in Southern CA. That is CRISPY.
  3. SwampNut

    Tesla rental rates on Turo seem to be dropping fast

    A friend just rented a 2021 Y LR with EAP for $74/day all in (total with taxes and all fees). This is in comparison to 6-10 months ago when I was considering renting ours out or buying another to mostly rent, and was seeing $100+ per day PLUS the fees and taxes. I wonder why? There are more...
  4. SwampNut

    Pull-through Supercharger, and leaving home without a safety net (charge cord)

    Drove from Peoria AZ (NW Phoenix) to Hacienda Heights yesterday, starting with 97% charge. I don't have a cord to charge at my destination, so making it work with only SC. I looked at both ABRP and the Tesla built in route, and of course, Tesla was not optimal. ABRP had a couple of slightly...
  5. SwampNut

    Electric motorcycles

    I know that @Crissa has one, anyone else? What do you have exactly (name, configuration options, general specs)? How do you use it? On road, off road, grocery getter, commuter....? I can't say I'm in the market for one today, but I've looked longingly. I currently have a 2020 KTM 390...