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  1. Alpine

    Summer Road Trip

    The Drive Our latest trip was to Florida from our home in north New Jersey. We drove our blue Tesla Model Y dubbed Elsa by our five-year-old daughter. It has an EPA range of 326 miles and has an average efficiency of 300 Wh/mile. My family consists of my two-year-old son, my five-year-old...
  2. Alpine

    How Will You Use FSD?

    I want to preface this by saying i don't know much about the technical aspects of fsd. I did not order it because i enjoy driving and it would be nerve wracking for me. 1. When fsd is ready, do you have to monitor it still or can you sit in back seat and be chauffeured around? 2. Do you just...
  3. Alpine

    Nuclear Fusion Ignition finally achieved. It happened last August in a CA lab but disclosed to public now. Big step for the future of electricity generation. Next step figure out how to harness it. "Ignition during a fusion reaction...
  4. Alpine

    Musk: "Cybertruck pricing and specs will be different, but it will be a damn fine product."

    At tonight's annual shareholder meeting, Elon said Cybertruck price and spec will change. That in 2019 when they revealed, they could not have possibly known about the inflation and current environment. Elon said...... "It was unveiled in 2019, for a $99 deposit. Cybertruck pricing and specs...
  5. Alpine

    Unless a new class of buyer joins, there will not be many takers at $85k+ for a pickup

    I was reading about the F150 Limited and it's history. It is basically an F150 configured with the most expensive available options for the truck and some options only available to this top trim. It tops out at about $84k and has alway been close to 3x the price of the base model. The Limited...
  6. Alpine

    Is it Tezla or Tesla?

    On the call Elon pronounced it with a Z and members of his team with an S. I can't get myself to say Tezla, just seems wrong. In the call, Elon said he hopes to be at 5000 units/week production at Giga Texas by the end of this year and 10,000 units by the end of 2023. This is for MY and CT...
  7. Alpine

    Hopefully Cybertruck tow range is better than F-150 Lightning

    I cancelled my f150 first wave RES when they sent me configurator. thought at the time cybertruck was close to production and didn't need 2 trucks. I know Tesla is ahead on battery tech but by how much? F150 long range got 86 miles towing a large/light trailer with 9% left with last 10 miles...
  8. Alpine

    $39.9k Cybertruck starting price is still on tesla site On another note, what percentage of reservations do you think will translate to actual truck orders.
  9. Alpine

    CT2 vs Lightning ER battery

    Canceled my June Lightning build and purchased a 22 Sienna hybrid. Will wait for my CT3. Can you guys in the know comment on battery performance of CT2 vs Lightning ER. Same advertised range, though ER now certified for 320 mile. Below is actual window stickers, does the mpge look way too low?