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  1. MikeInTheWoods

    Musk's battery promise: Inside by Reuters

    Sigh. If the Cybertruck gets delayed beyond next year, I'm going to throw my hat in with Rivian.
  2. MikeInTheWoods

    MyTeslaWeekend Rumor - Dual Motor only for the first 500k units produced!

    Interesting, as this flies in the face of everything else people are predicting; especially the likes of Tailosive EV. I actually hope this is true. My original reservation is for a dual motor.
  3. MikeInTheWoods

    Will Rivian Make It?

    I really hope Rivian survives. Their truck is great. If I wasn't in line for a Cybertruck, they would definitely be my second choice
  4. MikeInTheWoods

    Cybertruck timeline schedule prediction -- Agree or Disagree?

    "Rivian might not exist by the time the Cybertruck comes out" This is sad, I hope this isn't the case. They make a good product
  5. MikeInTheWoods

    Cybertruck timeline schedule prediction -- Agree or Disagree?

    September 2022: 9k ton Gigapress arrives at Giga Texas during the second half of the month. Other production equipment will be spotted arriving preceding and proceeding this. Q3 2022 earnings call: Status of production in slide deck changes from "In Development" to "Under Construction."...
  6. MikeInTheWoods

    Musk Expects Cybertruck Production to Begin Mid-2023 [Per Q2 Earnings Call]

    Oh man. You live in Texas. I'm super jelly. You'll be one of the first up for taking delivery
  7. MikeInTheWoods

    Cybertruck pop-up roof tent design (Flat Type)

    This is exactly what I'd be looking for in mine, including the 600W of solar. Assuming about 75% efficiency, that's about 2.7 Kw per day. Assuming a 100 KW battery pack, that's 2.7% daily charge. Pretty good, all things considering! I'd bolster it with some additional deployable solar panels to...
  8. MikeInTheWoods

    Propane Generator Option For Longer Trips

    My goal is an array of solar panels and a small battery bank to smooth out the charge feed/provide ground. I have a trip idea I'd like to do to Tuktoyaktuk that will almost necessitate off-grid charging like this.
  9. MikeInTheWoods

    Where do you want to go?

    Where do you want to go Oh man, anywhere and everywhere. It's the end-goal of my channel. Overlanding & backcountry camping all around North America. One of the challenging trips I have planned is to figure out how to get to Tuktoyaktuk. Might have to charge off-grid using portable solar...
  10. MikeInTheWoods

    Musk Expects Cybertruck Production to Begin Mid-2023 [Per Q2 Earnings Call]

    Being Canadian is suffering. Our deliveries will lag behind US deliveries, potentially for a while if it's a lengthy production ramp start If I want my truck sooner rather than never, I'll need to switch to the quad motor config In addition to the exchange rate, we're also getting hit with the...
  11. MikeInTheWoods

    Canada Pricing For EV Incentive

    I hope it's under $100k, otherwise we get affected by the new stupid Luxury Goods tax. Yes, really.
  12. MikeInTheWoods

    POLL: Cybertruck Pricing

    I'm really hoping that those of us who reserved at least get some discount. I'm not naive enough to think it will be the same price, but F me in the B if it's double what I reserved it at