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  1. Alpine

    Stainless steel rolls spotted during delivery to Giga Texas today (9/20/22) ?

    Good example of how starved we are for info. Rolls on a truck have to be analyzed and debated. Come on tesla, quit fucking around and tell us where you're at with ct
  2. Alpine

    Off Road Dreaming

    iv seen alot of these videos where the guy rolls back down the hill. Are you willing to risk that with your CT. Its not demolition derby but its close
  3. Alpine

    Summer Road Trip

    Thank you. I didn't think to put the link. To a first time EV owner, i found this very helpful. If there are inaccuracies, please divulge.
  4. Alpine

    Summer Road Trip

    The Drive Our latest trip was to Florida from our home in north New Jersey. We drove our blue Tesla Model Y dubbed Elsa by our five-year-old daughter. It has an EPA range of 326 miles and has an average efficiency of 300 Wh/mile. My family consists of my two-year-old son, my five-year-old...
  5. Alpine

    Cybertruck baby brother

    Extremely small boutique builder in texas that bought the amc name. No cars or actual prototypes that i am aware of. Like the superwolf
  6. Alpine

    Want to rent my cyber for 6 months?

    Ill pay you 3k per month. Im 500k back in line. Beware, i will beat the ever living shit out of it. If thats ok, sign me up.
  7. Alpine

    Etching/Tattoo For Your Cybertruck. Would you?

    Cybertruck is unique enough. I don't need additional attention
  8. Alpine

    Tester Cybertruck Prototype Spotted on a Tow Truck!

    Anything wider than 80 inches requires the marker lights. Light duty trucks are kept under 80" for this reason. The F150 is 79.9" CT because of lights we know is 80 inch+, but it doesn't necessarily have to be as wide as a raptor, it could be anything above 80 inches. My f350 dually is 96"...
  9. Alpine

    Wouldn't it be great to have some new, real CT news?

    Iv been thinking this exact thing for a few days now. The next earnings call is months away and suddenly there isn't much to kill the time with save the same old pricing arguments. Like a poster said a few weeks back, this place is headed back to being on life support. Im getting tired of...
  10. Alpine

    Dual Motor CT will be $75K. Change my mind.

    All the mind changing you can handle
  11. Alpine

    Hopefully Cybertruck tow range is better than F-150 Lightning

    My 2019 F150 stx 2.7 eco 2wd w 10spd crewcab got 20-22mpg. Your before mpg is pretty low unless the newer trucks are much more efficient. On trip to the coast i averaged 22+mpg mostly hwy
  12. Alpine

    Cybertruck will cost at minimum to start $70k for a tri-motor. Dual motor will not be produce first.

    Sounds like you pooped your pants b4 you made this thread.
  13. Alpine

    DIY Vinyl Wraps

    for your intended use, a shop that does advertising vinyl wraps will do. It won't be perfect, but will get the job done and cost a lot less
  14. Alpine

    DIY Vinyl Wraps

    I can tell you from experience, wraps have to be done by skilled professionals otherwise it will make your truck look worse. Even some shops don't do a good enough job with imperfections when viewed up close. If you want it to look like a paint job without defects, you will have to pay a good pro.
  15. Alpine

    Cybertruck will cost at minimum to start $70k for a tri-motor. Dual motor will not be produce first.

    The poop was so deep, i did not notice the misspelling 😁
  16. Alpine

    How Will You Use FSD?

    I have heard integrating the f150 for house use is not cheap.
  17. Alpine

    How Will You Use FSD?

    I want to preface this by saying i don't know much about the technical aspects of fsd. I did not order it because i enjoy driving and it would be nerve wracking for me. 1. When fsd is ready, do you have to monitor it still or can you sit in back seat and be chauffeured around? 2. Do you just...
  18. Alpine

    Tesla Supercharger US Membership Pricing for Non-Tesla EV Owners Announced at $0.99/month

    More than likely aimed at getting new customers to grow the network
  19. Alpine

    Senate Ad campaign against Tesla FSD

    Ralph Nader urges regulators to recall Tesla’s ‘manslaughtering’ Full Self-Driving vehicles