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  1. Mini2nut

    Shipping early 2023? Bring It!

    If it didn’t come from Elon disregard the timeline. I predict Q3 2023.
  2. Mini2nut

    MyTeslaWeekend Rumor - Dual Motor only for the first 500k units produced!

    At least 9 more months to go before production begins. Any snags will delay production until 2024.
  3. Mini2nut

    Flipping Cybertruck

    eBay and vehicle auction sites will be full of Cybertruck’s once they go into production. The “must have now” crowd will pay dearly to own one.
  4. Mini2nut

    Dual Motor CT will be $75K. Change my mind.

    I can’t see the “base” Standard Range Dual Motor Cybertruck being priced any lower than $70k. I predict many of the standard features shown during the 2019 reveal such as the blade light, powered tonneau cover, etc. will be optional. For comparison a Dual Motor Rivian R1T is estimated to be...
  5. Mini2nut

    Benefit to unpainted CT. I don’t like paint on trucks. I use Linex, no paint no scratches.

    “What would Tesla charge ? $3000” That is an unknown at this point. Rivian will be offering a full factory PPF wrap starting in October with XPEL. It will be applied at a location near the factory in IL. They are supposedly charging $4500 for full PPF, $1500 for a front only...
  6. Mini2nut

    MyTeslaWeekend Rumor - Dual Motor only for the first 500k units produced!

    I agree 100% on this rumor. Tesla wants to crank out the ”affordable” trim first to help scale up production faster. Think KISS principle. Half the motors needed versus the Quad. If and when sales start to slow they can offer a the premium Tri or Quad version.
  7. Mini2nut

    Cybertruck factory option predictions

    My factory option predictions based on keeping the Cybertruck semi affordable. Two Dual Motor trims will be available. Standard range and long range. As for options; -Three Interior color choices (black will come standard. White and space gray will be optional) -Alloy wheel choices -FSD...
  8. Mini2nut

    Benefit to unpainted CT. I don’t like paint on trucks. I use Linex, no paint no scratches.

    The Cybertruck will be the most wrapped vehicle in automotive history. Period. Why? Because every Cybertruck leaving the TX assembly plant will look 100% identical to every other truck minus the wheel options. If Tesla doesn’t offer hundreds of wrap design options from the factory they are...
  9. Mini2nut

    What would prevent your purchase?

    My F-150 Lightning XLT shipped yesterday. I plan on keeping it until my Cybertruck reservation comes up.
  10. Mini2nut

    Photos of Cybertruck at 2022 Shareholder Meeting (Cyber Roundup)

    I have seen the concept in the flesh at the Peterson Museum when it was on display. 2D Photos and videos don’t do the truck justice. It looks handsome and very futuristic. The Cybertruck is going to be a disruptor in the full size pickup segment. It looks like nothing else currently on the...
  11. Mini2nut

    Updated Predicted Cybertruck Pricing

    The Dual Motor Cybertruck will most likely MSRP for $69,900. Any less and I will be pleasantly surprised.
  12. Mini2nut

    Price Increases?

    I will still be a buyer if the Dual Motor MSRP's for $69,900. The Cybertruck is unlike any retail vehicle ever built. Ever. The stainless body ensures that the truck can be passed down through multiple generations. It's going to be a game changer in the pickup truck segment. We have at LEAST...
  13. Mini2nut

    The Cybertruck is at least another year away

    I haven’t been on the forum lately since no official Cybertruck news has been reported. If the Cybertruck goes into production in summer of 2023 as Elon stated we can expect a slow ramp up similar to the Model Y at Austin. It will probably take longer than the Model Y since its a brand new...
  14. Mini2nut

    Price Increases?

    The first Cybertruck, the Quad Motor, is at least another year away. MSRP? I’m guessing $89,990 before options. A Dual Motor Model Y is now $63,990. No way is the Dual Motor Cybertruck going to be less expensive. Every year the truck is delayed the more expensive it will be.
  15. Mini2nut

    Predicted Cybertruck Pricing

    I would be shocked if the Quad Motor MSRP came in below $89,900. Just look at "new" Quad Motor Rivian R1T pricing for reference.
  16. Mini2nut

    Taking too long... Just Ordered a Model Y.

    Enjoy! We have logged 21k miles on our 2021 DM Model Y and love it. We purchased it brand new for $48,990 and chose the 20” Induction wheels as the only option. Other than a loose rear view mirror the car has been trouble free. It also doesn’t have an rattles or squeaks, a huge pet peeve of mine.
  17. Mini2nut

    Rattleproof Cybertruck?

    Our 2021 Model Y is tight as a drum. No rattles, squeaks, etc.
  18. Mini2nut

    Tesla Cybertruck Likely No Earlier than December 2023
  19. Mini2nut

    Experts Munro & Justise review Ford F150 Lightning EV Assembly Line

    I viewed the video. A lot of manual assembly going on. I didn’t see a lot of robots.
  20. Mini2nut

    Cybertruck launch delayed again - Per AutoForecast Solutions - until Oct 2023

    150,000 trucks next year? That’s very optimistic based a Tesla’s history. Experts predict the computer chip shortage to last well into 2024. The truck is expected to be full of new technology which takes computers and chips. The big question is 4680 battery cells. Battery cells will need to be...