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  1. Charging cars at home at night is not the way to go, Stanford study finds

    Agree with all of this. Two additional points I'd like to add. 1. You've not seen my mother-in-law doing laundry. That dryer absolutely is capable of being run 5+ hours per day!! :) 2. I think the average commute is something like 30-ish miles? Even if we round up to 40 as an average, that...
  2. small red orb in the AI Day 2022 invite teaser is not a red marble. It is a red pill !

    If nothing else, this is a very solid bit of evidence that we Tesla fans will pour ourselves over EVERY PIXEL OF EVERY IMAGE Tesla releases. Kudos to whomever found this first. I'm impressed at the dedication.
  3. AI Day 2 Teaser Depicts Cybertruck Prototype

    I hope so. Feels like we've been starving for literally anything for so long.
  4. Musk returns to Leno’s Garage

    Notification set. Let's hope for our favorite truck to STEEL the show! (See what I did there? See? See?) (Yes, I am a fully licensed "dad.")
  5. Tesla V4 Supercharger designed station submitted for permitting - in Arizona

    Yep. A solid follow-up question is how fast are the V4 chargers going to be? I mean, if the CT is 10-80 in 15 minutes you could reasonably have 2-3 trucks per hour going through.
  6. Flipping Cybertruck

    Pretty sure they already have this language in their agreements. The precedent is definitely set.
  7. The real problem with EVs: They're not LOUD

    It's amazing what passes for "news" in West Virginia... (and Kentucky). I live about 90-mins away from where this gets published and am ashamed of my region.
  8. DMG MORI machine @ Giga Austin is for Cybertruck!

    Would they use a CNC for scoring the SS in order to make the origami folds? I wouldn't know for sure, but it seems like such a machine would be capable of doing so, if not optimized for it.
  9. Dual Motor CT will be $75K. Change my mind.

    That would be in line with the theme of my argument. I also doubt Hummer influenced the decision. But it *could* be argued.
  10. Dual Motor CT will be $75K. Change my mind.

    I like the conjecture, too, but disagree primarily because Elon & Tesla have repeatedly stated that they don't really pay much attention to what other companies are doing. Now, we could absolutely argue against this with evidence like 4-wheel steering. GM introduced it in the Hummer EV, at a...
  11. Dual Motor CT will be $75K. Change my mind.

    Scouring the internets for Cybertruck news & rumors that I haven't yet seen... obviously. I figure that applies to this forum at large, no? :p
  12. Tesla Supercharger US Membership Pricing for Non-Tesla EV Owners Announced at $0.99/month

    I think Electrify America's member plan is only $4? Seems reasonable that Tesla would be closer to that range than 500% more.
  13. Cybertruck timeline schedule prediction -- Agree or Disagree?

    @MikeInTheWoods definitely a good timeline. I think you're on the nose with most of it. Agree with others that expecting anything in November is likely a stretch.
  14. Tesla AC -> cool?

    We came from a 2017 Toyota Highlander to the Model Y and we're absolutely fine with the AC. Love the overheat protection so even when we don't precondition the car before we get in it's never scorching hot. The glass allows some heat in, but my wife is extremely fair skinned (would get a...
  15. Musk Expects Cybertruck Production to Begin Mid-2023 [Per Q2 Earnings Call]

    Sounded a lot like “delivering.”!!!
  16. Musk Expects Cybertruck Production to Begin Mid-2023 [Per Q2 Earnings Call]

    I admit I haven’t listened to the call, but Teslarati are reporting that Elon stated production would begin mid-2023, not deliveries.
  17. Vault cover always open in photos

    I'm curious why? I'd probably drive around with it closed for efficiency gains (if any) and to keep the bed dry (preference, as I hate having water pooled in Tacoma when the drain ports clog). So I'm curious what the significant gain to driving mainly with it open might be?
  18. Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    Primarily that a casual inspection won't identify any issues on either vehicle. A more thorough visual inspection might notice that some gaps aren't perfectly even from end-to-end. No obvious panel misalignments, no panels jutting out from the body more than others. At least on my car. I didn't...