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  1. 4Axlift

    Battery size on the single battery Cybertruck will be same as and dual and tri motor?

    True. But in my finite community, it is a tool. 0 to 60 Means nothing, what is important is a range, towing Range, Range with a constant load, durability. cost of ownership, cost per mi. If the single motor was 4 wheel drive I would be buying it. but in my work 4x4 is a must. I would still want...
  2. 4Axlift

    Is Range king?

    Thank you, I'm far from being as knowledgeable as I would like to be in this field. This carries over into the thread of the worst-case scenario. (not needed most of the time but when it is needed it is really needed.) But to give tesla credit engineers are looking at a bell curve for...
  3. 4Axlift

    Is Range king?

    I would fall into the camp of wanting more battery/range. Why do I buy the largest fuel tank posible in a ICE vehicle? I only need extry capacity 20% of the time. To keep myself on the job and job running, convence! , the customer is always right!! why do I carry a 95gal fuel tank? To supply...
  4. 4Axlift

    Conversion cost to drive

    Your Correct Bait and Hook. The tax incentives, lack of highway road taxes. These are incentives to get a new industry off the ground. And once critical mass is reached, ICE vehicles become the minority and will not generate enough tax base to maintain the highways. The Incentives will go away...
  5. 4Axlift

    What's your realistic "worst case scenario" for CT range/efficiency concerns?

    My worst-case scenario would be working construction project in the field of North Dakota in winter. with ICE would need to run the engine all day for heat. -28 to -40 drive approximately 200 mi per day and charge at night with colder temps. add in wind chill at 40 to 50MPH. my plan is to carry...
  6. 4Axlift

    Cybertruck imagined with side mirrors and windshield wiper

    Until DOT rewrites rules these will be great! With the addition of trailer cameras, mirror extensions would not be needed when towing. Tesla would need to make the mirror camera live on the screen when moving or some form of heads up view.
  7. 4Axlift

    Cybertruck imagined with side mirrors and windshield wiper

    Magnetic will not work! the body is stainless steel!