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  1. Noob questions about Cybertruck

    Actually, they point the way FROM Mordor. The second one is simply a spare, so that you can find your way out. If it has been a full 50 years, it probably won't make a whit of difference, like with me I'm just hoping to get mine long before I am feeding Frodomometer lilies in the fields. If I...
  2. Cybertruck Final Iteration Reveal Date and Production Questions

    Check again. You may have missed a comma or a decimal point in there, along with a zero or two. Somebody has to be the last guy in line, you could be the lucky guy! Wouldn't it be funny if the last guy in line gets the first delivery because of his proximity? Now that would be poetic justice!
  3. Cybertruck interior questions

    That's good to know. I'd hate to think about what would happen if somebody spilled a clandestined Coors on it, or maybe at a "tailgate" party.
  4. Cybertruck Final Iteration Reveal Date and Production Questions

    I did read it. Mine was just much more accurate and verifiable!
  5. Noob questions about Cybertruck

    #1. Yes, of course, but given the "month or so", who knows if the 4680 cells will be a reality, therefore I answered based upon the reality of today. #2. Yes, there is mobile service, but not all problems are amenable to mobile service technicians. I was looking at a used "S" that was being...
  6. Noob questions about Cybertruck

    I'll take a stab at these: the long and short of battery life? It depends on how you take care of it. Keep the charge between 20% and 80% for optimal life. There is talk about the new batteries being million mile batteries or more, and the CT being a 20-30 year vehicle. It will be the last...
  7. Cybertruck interior questions

    Loose change goes in your pocket. Right or left, whichever you prefer. Plug your phone into your auxiliary battery, which you then set on the compressed paper dash. Do NOT make the mistake of putting a drink up there though. Have you ever had one of those little "who knows" things that you drop...
  8. Cybertruck Final Iteration Reveal Date and Production Questions

    You failed to read my very informative post!
  9. Cybertruck Final Iteration Reveal Date and Production Questions

    #1. The final iteration of the Cybertruck will be revealed exactly "in a month or so" per Elon Musk himself. You can take that to the bank or put it in your pipe and smoke it, whichever you prefer. #2. The exact date that CT001 will roll off the production line is 31 December, 2022. However, if...
  10. How can it be so affordable?

    Sort of...... reports suggest it will be available by monthly subscription. I'd get a spare bag. Can you imagine if you ran out over Los Angeles during rush hour?
  11. Rear Wheel Steering

    Then perhaps you would be more interested in the CT Unicycle design. The only thing to break is you if you fall off of it!
  12. How can it be so affordable?

    Not at all. Everyone knows the CT is Elon's star Baby, so a good amount of glitter will fall on us as well (also known as pixie dust). Pixie dust is how not only the Roadster will levitate, but it will keep the prices from levitating on the CT as well. It is simple mathematics, Elon style. Ford...
  13. Rear Wheel Steering

    All you need to know is whether or not they are made in China. I believe they call those "Chinese parts". My last batch of Chinese lug caps came only three of the four. Par for the course.
  14. Pros/Cons of buying a CT (mostly fiscally related)

    That requires a hot air balloon and a tornado to achieve such heights!
  15. Rear Wheel Steering

    Well, valve stems rank right up there too, and don't forget the Tesla emblazoned valve stem caps that will reduce wind resistance by at least 0.00000000002%
  16. Rear Wheel Steering

    You hear a lot about "soaking the rich" and making them pay their "fair share", although not one of those bastards will say what percentage is deemed to be a "fair share".Not even when pinned down. As a self-employed small employer, I could easily total my tax rate at 65%, and that didn't...
  17. Pros/Cons of buying a CT (mostly fiscally related)

    Ha! Better to borrow from the bank. If you die in a Tesla fire there won't be much to leave him regardless. You can save the expense of cremation however. As to Tesla insurance rates, simply ask your local Tesla insurance agent. He can help you pick and choose just what you need just like the...
  18. The Cyber Truck may pay for itself.

    Thank you. I wasn't even sure it was a legitimate word!
  19. Reservation order integrity

    "End of year" was figurative, not quoting Elon. Like "to infinity and beyond" isn't literally "to infinity and beyond" which of course would be redundant. It was simply a matter of semantics. Elon can say "to infinity and beyond" when he talks about going to Mars, but of course nobody will take...