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  1. RandyS

    Ford Gives Dealers Six Weeks To Decide If They Want To Continue Selling EVs

    That's a very high price quoted for DC Fast chargers. It can't possible be true, unless Ford is buying them at "regular price" and then re-selling them to dealers for an exorbitant price...
  2. RandyS

    Shipping early 2023? Bring It!

    The timing of the Cybertruck rollout reminds me what all of us wait listers went through when the Model 3 was rolled out. Hopefully Tesla has learned a few things along the way; it looks like they have...They're not changing or delaying the production schedule in public every few weeks and...
  3. RandyS

    Tesla V4 Supercharger designed station submitted for permitting - in Arizona

    Grid independent? With 42 v4 supercharger stalls @ up to 350 kW each? I don't see how that could happen...I guess it depends on the battery size, but it doesn't look that big on the drawing...
  4. RandyS

    Taking deliver at the Texas factory?

    I picked up my (May) 2013 Model S P85 from the Fremont factory, got a tour, and then drove it home to San Diego. Met Franz in the delivery center by coincidence, as he was there to scope out some design changes that were in the works for that space...I would pick up my truck in Austin and drive...
  5. RandyS

    Under the new Biden EV credit proposal, will the Cybertruck qualify for Federal Tax Credit?

    I like this summary about the new IRA EV Tax Credit...
  6. RandyS

    Cybertruck timeline schedule prediction -- Agree or Disagree?

    That certainly could be true...However, if Tesla's previous delivery strategy for the Model 3 (which was to maximize revenue) is used for the Cybertruck, then it could go something like this: * Contact all reservation holders with information about new / upgraded Cybertruck variants * Give...
  7. RandyS

    Custom vanity license plates - have you ordered yours yet??

    I thought I had posted earlier, but after searching the thread I guess I didn't. Picked these up just before the pandemic and assigned them to another vehicle a couple of years ago...Can't wait for the trucks to get built and start rolling!!!!
  8. RandyS

    Why has my battery not lasted?

    I think the early Kia Soul cars had the same design issue as the Nissan LEAF that I had...The battery pack is not cooled or temperature-managed. So when it is 100 degrees plus on the pavement, the battery gets heated as well (and possibly overheated)...So the batteries in the cars in the cooler...
  9. RandyS

    Ford F-150 Lightning Home Integration System Pricing Looks like Ford has announced the pricing for their F-150 Lightning Home Integration System. This is a home backup power supply system that will deliver 9.6 kW to the home from the truck. First, you would...
  10. RandyS

    What Wall Charger to Buy???

    I already have a couple of chargers in my garage for existing vehicles. But if I were just getting started, the only thing that would make me want to wait a bit before buying a charger for the Cyber Truck is that we don't really know yet if the first generation CT will be able to natively...
  11. RandyS

    Major mistake not including charge cables with all new vehicles!

    I think there's a pretty easy solution to all of this...Sell the car for a "base price" amount, and have the buyers check boxes on the website for all the accessories they want to include (mobile connector, NEMA 14-50 adapter, mats, locking lug nuts, sun shades, whatever). Deliver the...
  12. RandyS

    Two Recent Tesla Patents (Feb/March 2022)

    A couple of Tesla patents were recently approved/issued that I thought were of interest...Will we see either of these in the Cybertruck? Time will tell.... * Tesla was just granted a patent on March 1 that is related to a new wiring system architecture for cars. The gist of it seems to be a...
  13. RandyS

    Austin Gigafest Event on April 7

    Elon says "Tesla owners in the greater Giga Texas Area will get priority"....
  14. RandyS

    Austin Gigafest Event on April 7
  15. RandyS

    Austin Gigafest Event on April 7

    I don't see a thread about this, so here goes... Elon tweeted yesterday that they will hold an open-house "GigaFest" grand opening party at the Austin factory on Thursday April 7. No word on whether there will be invitations, tickets, a website to sign up, etc. At the Berlin Gigafactory event...
  16. RandyS

    Highway Charging While Driving

    I'm okay with plugging in my own car in the garage and probably wouldn't use wireless charging due to losses, cost of equipment, and precise positioning requirements. For fleet use, though, I can see some benefits for wireless charging. People that don't drive one of the fleet EVs very often...
  17. RandyS

    BREAKING: 324kW Tesla Superchargers Are Coming Later This Year! [Up From Current 250kW]

    No, that's how it works (and you'll only get that power level if certain conditions are met, such as type of car/battery pack rev, low state of charge, and adequate battery temperature)... There is a charging curve built in that tapers from maximum power to prevent overheating the battery...
  18. RandyS

    CT charging revisited

    Dual chargers doesn't necessarily mean there will be two inputs...My 2013 Model S has two on-board chargers and can charge up to 80 amps on one input connector...I guess it could be done, but I've never seen an EV with two J1772 input connectors. Could result in some ticked off EV drivers if...
  19. RandyS

    Discount for disabled veterans

    While I have heard of some discounts for demo cars and some end of quarter stuff a while ago (that was stopped when Elon found out about it), I've never heard of any other discounts give to Tesla buyers. Elon has said in the past stuff like "my family members pay full price", etc. Hertz...
  20. RandyS

    ? [Update: NOT Production Wiper] New Cybertruck design spied! Shortened front, no door handles, side mirrors, curved windshield glass! [Dec. 10]

    Love all the comments...Here's something I noticed...Is one of the main purposes of that track to test FSD stuff with the way the white lines are painted on both sides? At one point the truck is moving without a driver and the passenger is messing with something...Hmm....