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  1. Vault cover always open in photos

    I've seen a lot of picture's in the last couple years but the fault cover is always open, why do you think that is.
  2. Trailer towing Rivian test, range and regen resulting in Rockies

    They also fail to mention that it only cost $12 At the charging station. Only a part charge but still a lot less than fuel.
  3. ? Tesla Q4 2021 Earnings Call Audio Webcast Stream - Listen Here @ 5:30 Eastern / 2:30 Pacific

    I It's very obvious, they can't build the truck To the specs that they said 2 years ago.
  4. Cybervan render

    That looks ridiculous
  5. ? Cybertruck spotted with windshield wipers, side mirrors, wheel aero covers removed, staggered wheels/tires!

    Possibly they shortened the front nose because they're going to add a collapsible bumper there To make it legal.
  6. Cybertruck used in Tesla Mobile Service

    I don't think Tesla's is gonna want to advertise they're out fixing broken vehicles
  7. Engine braking without an engine

    Agreed but I would rather Charge batteries then scrub off speed through the trailer brakes.
  8. Engine braking without an engine

    Boat trailers with surge brakes will be a little more challenging If you want to regen.
  9. Boat trailer

    Most modern boat trailers have have a solenoid that shuts off the surge brakes when backing up. Might it make sense for the CT to power up this solnoid during light braking and going down hills to charge batteries instead of scrubbing off speed through trailer brakes?