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  1. RandyS

    Ford F-150 Lightning Home Integration System Pricing Looks like Ford has announced the pricing for their F-150 Lightning Home Integration System. This is a home backup power supply system that will deliver 9.6 kW to the home from the truck. First, you would...
  2. RandyS

    Two Recent Tesla Patents (Feb/March 2022)

    A couple of Tesla patents were recently approved/issued that I thought were of interest...Will we see either of these in the Cybertruck? Time will tell.... * Tesla was just granted a patent on March 1 that is related to a new wiring system architecture for cars. The gist of it seems to be a...
  3. RandyS

    Austin Gigafest Event on April 7

    I don't see a thread about this, so here goes... Elon tweeted yesterday that they will hold an open-house "GigaFest" grand opening party at the Austin factory on Thursday April 7. No word on whether there will be invitations, tickets, a website to sign up, etc. At the Berlin Gigafactory event...