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  1. I may not be able to buy a Cybertruck unless something changes. Anyone else?

    Oh boy...... Please don't recommend to anyone buying BTC. I own BTC, and I'm one of the lucky few that got in when it was under $1k. I follow crypto as closely as I follow my TSLA. Not that anyone asked me, but cyrpto is little more than betting on sports or heading to the casino. IMO, we...
  2. Cybertruck 900V architecture confirmed?

    Isn't Tesla already shipping the V4 Superchargers? It's likely that these new superchargers can charge at 800-900v.
  3. Plastic Bed

    And here we go again! Listen Gordon, no one here will take you seriously. Seriously, no one. Post up, become a community/forum member, contribute useful insight, then voice your concerns.
  4. Robotaxis - won't they be trashed?

    I rent 12 passenger tour buses. I've found that the nicer the bus is, the less people damage it, especially when it's clear they are responsible for PAYING for the damage they do. If the bus looks new, any damage stands out. On a crappy bus, the owner of the bus obviously doesn't care, so the...
  5. TESLA Wall charger SECURITY

    So you drive a Prius, huh? I have never seen a Prius driver with a smile on his face. I bet you're not a happy Prius driver, and you feel like spreading your unhappiness among us generally happy, albeit sometimes impatient, CT (that's short for Cybertruck) reservation holders and CT/Tesla...

    Hey, I put 7 years in at a company I swore to myself I wouldn't work at for more then 2. At 5 years I was SO ready to jump ship, then Covid hit and I decided to hunker down for the sake of my family. I put in another 2 years for a total of 7. You can do it. Just put your head down and get...
  7. Dealership model vs. direct sales?

    I live in Connecticut. This state really sucks at times. Actually, most of the time. Penske Auto Group was suing CT over the proposed law change which would have allowed Tesla to sell direct to consumers. When the law was upheld by the legislators, Penske dropped the law suit. Penske owns...
  8. Charge me by the ton mile

    Yup, there is. It's called IFTA and nearly all commercial vehicle have to pay it. The Feds will figured out a way to get there money, either by road tax or solar tax. Or both.
  9. Sail Panels vs Plastic Vault?

    The Joe Rogan pictures in another thread clearly show that the Sail Panel storage lids are gone. And the pictures suggest that the Vault's bed material may be injection molded plastic. I would say that the sail panels are gone because the bed is now plastic. The stainless steel vault was...
  10. Joe Rogan takes Cybertruck for a Spin! [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    My Gravely Commercial 12 tractor with snow blower is over 800 pounds. It would bend this ramp. Because this ramp telescopes, if one piece is bent, there's no way the ramp would close back up. This is a poor design and I bet Tesla has figured that out by now. Just make the tailgate removable...
  11. What would prevent your purchase?

    Price of the DM can't increase (much) without a range increase.
  12. Side mirror heating

    One way or another, the CT will need mirrors or cameras that mount in so that the driver can see down the sides of the trailer. I have a cargo trailer that's 102" wide, wider than my Ram 3500. The CT will need remote cameras from the top of the trailer looking down, or it'll need cameras on...
  13. Cybertruck updates coming 1/26 on next Tesla earnings call

    I just ordered 10 sheets of 11ga 304L 5x10', cost was $4.13/lbs or $832.61 per. Weight per sheet is 201.6 pounds. That price is twice what is was two years ago, btw. I would think that at Tesla's volume they have to be paying about half of what my little shop is paying.
  14. Fire Destroyed Ford Super Duty - Lithium Battery to Blame?

    Any idiot knows a 3500 (Ford, Ram, Chevy/GMC) is not lithium battery powered. We don't need to do to Ford what they do to Tesla. We're above that I hope.
  15. Driving in Snow

    It's all about the tires. My crappy little TDI Jetta that I put 600k miles on would go anywhere with good quality snow tires. Narrow tires, front wheel drive, open diff, no traction control, no problems. Keep the momentum up, pick your line, hammer down. AWD and 4WD with snow tires is all...
  16. Cybertruck drives into Tesla design studio

    There's a second CT inside the building. I think this is the first time we've seen two CT's in the same place.
  17. Perfect Cybertruck companion! Stark Varg

    LOL! I bet 3/4 of the Alta owners I know placed an order for this bike! And I haven't even gotten to the Alta forum to read up on it there! I'm sure the CT has one 220vac outlet, But you can charge one at 110vac and the other at 220 and swap plugs as needed. I'm hearing that Stark has Alta...
  18. Perfect Cybertruck companion! Stark Varg

    and I just ordered a Stark Varg. Enduro 18" wheel 80hp flavor Hand brake for rear wheel Side stand Home Delivery Estimated delivery December 26, 2022. Keeping my Alta. It's literally a work of art. And the first REAL electric motocross bike. Edit: Decided to get this for the back of the...
  19. Perfect Cybertruck companion! Stark Varg

    Don't hesitate on an electric bike due to range. The Alta is the best, most fun dirt bike I've ever owned. Hands down. I'm pretty sure I'm buying this bike...... certainly worth the $100 for the option to get one sooner than later.