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  1. stoneoakvet

    New Cybertruck chargeport picture reveals special Tesla logo

    The under side and side of the fender flare catch most of the slop. My current truck has the fuel filler door located just behind the fender flare and it stays clean there, like the original Cybertruck design.
  2. stoneoakvet

    New Cybertruck chargeport picture reveals special Tesla logo

    Being that the bottom of the charge port door is facing the tire, the material is going to flung directly into that region as it is on my current truck. Picture driving 170 miles to a Tesla supercharger in freezing rain conditions. Now picture the ice that has accumulated on your fender and the...
  3. stoneoakvet

    New Cybertruck chargeport picture reveals special Tesla logo

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s a REALLY BAD idea to put the charge port exactly where all the mud, water, sand, and ice tend to accumulate on my current truck fender?
  4. stoneoakvet

    Unplugged Performance Aftermarket Wheels announcement reveals production Cybertruck design?! [UP CYBRHEX Forged Wheels]

    I wouldn’t say Tesla has good cast aluminum wheels. My wife bent 3 of the 21 inch wheels on our Model S. Rotary forged wheels are the way to go. I replaced all 4 wheels for slightly more than the cost of one Tesla cast aluminum wheel. No problems since. Also the lug nuts were soft and had to be...
  5. stoneoakvet

    Major mistake not including charge cables with all new vehicles!

    I really want the CCS adapter for my Model S because I feel other car manufacturers are going to be using that system, therefore we will see more charging stations with CCS. Having the ability to use a Supercharger or CCS will greatly expand our charging options.
  6. stoneoakvet

    Cybertruck's folding mid gate and roll-down rear window confirmed!

    Actually GM was the first to put 4 wheel steer on trucks long before the Hummer EV came along. It makes backing up with trailers much easier and that was how GM promoted it.
  7. stoneoakvet

    Why no HUD? (On any Tesla?)

    Exactly! That’s what my 2017 Chevy SS Sedan does. I love it! The HUD has speed, tachometer, navigation, turn signals, high beam, proximity warning, satellite radio info. It’s awesome!
  8. stoneoakvet

    SilveradoEV 2024 deets finally revealed:

    My 2004 Chevy Avalanche @ 190K miles has never had a midgate leak, but my Model S had water leaking into the tail lights before it was 3 years old. Go figure.
  9. stoneoakvet

    Single motor cybertruck

    I decided to go with the dual motor for 2 main reasons 1) Handling characteristics for rear wheel drive pickups on slick surfaces are always bad. I know the battery pack helps equalize the weight distribution but the rear end of the Cybertruck will not be as heavily loaded as the front when the...
  10. stoneoakvet

    Yoke Steering Wheel in S, X Cybertruck. NHTSA says, ‘What you talking ‘bout, Elon?!”

    Ever try backing up a trailer without putting your left hand on top of the steering wheel? This is a truck. It needs to be able to do truck work. If a yoke is the only option, this will require some other system for backing a trailer.
  11. stoneoakvet

    Purchase Sight Unseen...?

    Good point. I've never purchased a car or truck without a test drive first for exactly this reason. I don't hear the word Ergonomics mentioned very much anymore regarding automobiles and that is a shame. I will point out that the steeply raked windshield on the Cybertruck at the reveal...
  12. stoneoakvet

    Study reveals EV secret: They are driven less than gas cars

    I don’t think that study tells us anything. I don’t live in California. My 2014 Model S just turned 7 years old. It has over 101k miles. Avg. miles per year, 14,505. We drive it like a regular car and take it on trips from the San Antonio area to Dallas and back using primarily the Supercharger...
  13. stoneoakvet

    Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    Yes, Texas is huge. Even in an ICE vehicle with 10 minutes for fuel fill ups it will take the majority of a day to reach El Paso at the western border of Texas after leaving Austin and that includes elevated speed limits in West Texas of 85 mph.
  14. stoneoakvet

    Who's planning on a Cybertruck factory pickup / delivery

    Heck yeah! My wife and I plan to drive our Model S up from San Antonio. I hope other family members may attend the tour. My son-in-law is an electrical engineer with Texas Instruments and my young grandson would also love it! It’s time for all generations to develop a passion for electric...
  15. stoneoakvet

    What features won’t be standard on the tri-motor and what do you think full spec will cost?

    I agree 100%. Artificial leather/leather are not durable enough for real truck activity, too susceptible to punctures and scratches.
  16. stoneoakvet

    Naming your CyberTruck

    Same name as the license plate I already reserved "D*FUTR"
  17. stoneoakvet

    Wheel covers have to be deleted.

    I hope to take delivery of my truck at the factory here in Texas. If ANY removable wheel covers are on my truck, I’ll be handing them back before I drive off. I’ve never had hubcaps on any of my trucks and I won’t start now. Hubcaps don’t belong on a truck!
  18. stoneoakvet

    Cybertruck production gets closer as Gigafactory Texas shifts to 24/7 construction

    I drove past the site Saturday afternoon, behind the cranes they have already erected some framework of a building.
  19. stoneoakvet

    Why no HUD? (On any Tesla?)

    Mine is a bubble lens but is much lower than yours, its down under the bumper where the license plate is. It also becomes obscured by dirty water spray that accumulates when driving in the rain.
  20. stoneoakvet

    Why no HUD? (On any Tesla?)

    The back up camera on my SS becomes unusable after I drive down dirt roads.