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  1. hridge2020

    Metal Sculpture of Elon

    Crypto Enthusiasts Plan to Gift Elon Musk a $600,000 Metal Sculpture of Himself A 30-foot long, 12,000 lb metal sculpture featuring Elon Musk’s face atop the body of a goat riding a rocket has been spotted on the streets of Austin, Texas (via Fox Business). The statue was commissioned by a...
  2. hridge2020

    Tesla recalls 321,000 U.S. vehicles over rear light issue

    Tesla recalls 321,000 U.S. vehicles over rear light issue WASHINGTON, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Tesla is recalling more than 321,000 vehicles in the United States because tail lights may intermittently fail to illuminate, the company said in a filing made public Saturday. The news follows the...
  3. hridge2020

    Are you using a Residential-rated receptacle Then an EV Industrial Rated receptacle to charge?

    See What Sandy Munro and Experts have to say. Basically, it's better to use a direct line to your Charge unit which it was designed and rated to handle the long charging cycle. The industry has not made EV-rated receptacles and circuit breakers for the long-duty cycles of charging an EV...
  4. hridge2020

    Megabattery Boom 600 MW Battery Storage Coming to Morro Bay, CA

    Morro Bay could become home to the largest electric battery system in the world if a project being proposed by the owners of the Morro Bay Power Plant is built, bringing a windfall of tax monies to a city left financially reeling due to the coronavirus pandemic response and near shutdown of the...
  5. hridge2020

    Tesla removes ultrasonic sensors from new Model 3/Y builds, soon Model S/X

    After removing radar from their vehicles over the last year in a shift to their camera-based Autopilot system known as Tesla Vision, Tesla is now also removing ultrasonic sensors from new Model 3 and Model Y builds. Tesla explains this change was made to coincide with the launch of the...
  6. hridge2020

    Musk's Promise to Sell 20 Million Teslas Hinges on This One Thing Nothing happens without a battery.

    Elon Musk has, for years, been making big promises about the future of electric vehicles and Tesla (TSLA) in particular, saying last spring that the carmaker would sell as many as 20 million cars per year. Musk is known for not always following through on big promises, especially when it...
  7. hridge2020

    Battery 4680 Hidden Secrets

    Sandy's first time reviewing the fully disassembled 4680 pack
  8. hridge2020

    4680 Battery Pack: What We Found Under the Foam! Sandy Munro

    Dry Ice Blaster video
  9. hridge2020

    Walmart buying Canoo EV, Rivian laying off.... chip shortages