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  1. Ogre

    Tesla Berlin offering Factory pickup as an option

    They are even offering an incentive for people who do it! Crossing fingers it happens for Cybertruck!
  2. Ogre

    Steel Dynamics identified as the steel supplier for Cybertruck (same as SpaceX Starship)

    After some weird round and round where SD said they weren’t supplying Tesla “but would love to”, Tesla says they are indeed using Steel Dynamics.
  3. Ogre

    Model Y (with 4680 cells) crash repair…. should be very similar to CT

    Really interesting thread on Twitter about repairing the Model Y with the 4680 cells. A lot of this should apply to the Cybertruck as well. You will need to click through to read it because it’s a bunch of posts.
  4. Ogre

    9,000 Ton GigaPress Foundation Prepwork -- Possibly Shown in Drone Shots

    I know there’s been a lot of speculation about the 9k Ton press being in transit. The giant unfinished area in the casting area is being prepped for a new press. Very likely this is the foundation for the new press. They usually let the concrete cure for a few weeks. That puts installation 3-4...
  5. Ogre

    Something cool from Ram (sorta sail pillar storage)

    Sort of sail pillar storage. This would be very much like what I’d want my Cybertruck to be like. Sail pillars won’t have this much storage space but a mini version of this would be perfect for me. Edit: this is a concept vehicle from Ram...
  6. Ogre

    November Cybertruck Event (With Poll)

    Are we going to have a Cybertruck event in November as @greggertruck keeps promising us? Will they reveal pricing? Maybe I should have allowed multiple picks on the poll question here having trouble deciding.
  7. Ogre

    Finally a trickle of 4680 cells are being produced in Austin (Rumor/ leak)

    It’s a rumor/ leak, but Dillon from Electrified has a pretty solid track record. I’ve queued the video to the point where he’s talking about this specifically. This is one of the big tent-poles for Cybertruck. They absolutely need 4680 production online in Texas to start Cybertruck production...
  8. Ogre

    Off Road Dreaming

    Gotten a little addicted to Matt’s Off Road Recovery on YouTube lately and ran into this video where they have a mostly stock Suburban doing some pretty crazy trails. I’ve also seen some fairly stock trucks doing Slickrock trail near Bear Valley California. I think I’ve posted some videos of...
  9. Ogre

    Musk returns to Leno’s Garage

    Last time he was there he showed off the Cybertruck. I’m sure Leno will have some Cybertruck related questions.
  10. Ogre

    Random Battery News Plus huge IRA tax benefit for 4680 Production

    A few really interesting tidbits around battery production lately. Many of them related to the Inflation Reduction Act. Probably the biggest eye opener is the fact that Tesla is accelerating battery production in Texas at the expense of Germany due to the fairly massive tax incentives for...
  11. Ogre

    Tesla V4 Supercharger designed station submitted for permitting - in Arizona

    First plans for a Tesla V4 Supercharger designed station submitted for permitting. Things I noticed right off. PV panels planned. Megapack is part of the design which, combined with PV might make this grid independent or at least detachable. Trailer parking is part of the game plan (Cybertruck...
  12. Ogre

    FSD price increases to $15k September 5th

    FSD price increase coming. Congrats to all who locked in $6k or $7k. I’m in a weird boat where I didn’t lock it on my initial order but locked it in on a second order much later for $10k. (thinking about upgrading my Model Y to EAP since that’s the only features I really find
  13. Ogre

    Texas Model Y hits 1000 cars/ week

    Huge Milestone The sooner they hit 5,000 Model Ys a week, the sooner the Cybertruck is in my driveway.
  14. Ogre

    Supercharger Station With Pull-Through Spots For Cybertruck & EV Trucks (or Towing / Bike Racks! - Spotted at Santa Nella

    We’ve seen some that are medium friendly, but this one is just outright perfect for towing or if you have a bike rack.
  15. Ogre

    Some Interesting Charging Options added to Tesla App and Wall Connector

    All kinds of interesting charger related stuff in this release. There are some hints in the Tesla App that non-Teslas will be coming to the SuperCharger Network soon. More interesting to Tesla owners (and potential owners) is the new Commercial Charging program where you can order multiple...
  16. Ogre

    Sounds like Incentives / Tax Credit Expansion are back on the table

    Lots of weirdness around this legislation but the key bit is it sounds like the Cybertruck is well under the $80k limit for trucks. Might make for some weird math if they do raise prices. Not sure how FSD will be treated either. Manchin is onboard so it’s more likely to pass. That means it’s...
  17. Ogre

    Cybertruck is designed to be built

    Seems like a lot of folks have forgotten this little fact, but Musk was thoughtful enough to remind us that the Cybertruck is indeed a product designed to be manufactured cheaply. Lots of comparisons to the Model X and Model S, and rhetorical questions like “How can they produce the tri motor...
  18. Ogre

    Auto Poppin’ Doors (Model X Preview)

    This is what I hope the Cybertruck doors are like. They might be a bit simpler, but this would be rad.
  19. Ogre

    Nickel Prices (The bubble has popped)

    Remember a few months ago when there was near panic when spot nickel prices increased 20x? Remember how people said it was going to cause a huge increase in the price of the Cybertruck? Remember how some of us said it was a short squeeze and temporary and that Tesla has long term contracts...