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  1. madquadbiker

    Model Y in U.K.

    Just received an email from Tesla U.K. with the news the Model Y is finally coming to the U.K. in 2022. Prices from £54,990 for the long range dual motor, £64,990 for the Performance model.
  2. madquadbiker

    Wishful thinking for a U.K. Tesla CT Factory

    Just so the right hand drive reservation holders don’t slow down the production of the CT in Texas, this is assuming there will be a right hand version, and with Honda pulling out of the U.K. and Europe to return all manufacturing of their cars back to their own country there will be an empty...
  3. madquadbiker

    Central Driving Position

    Hope this topic hasn’t been covered before, in all likelihood the CT will be using cameras instead of mirrors, Honda have shown it is possible and legal to do so here in the U.K. with the launch of there Honda E model which uses cameras only, so maybe there’s an opportunity to position the...