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  1. Cube topper vs aero topper vs topperless. (200 KWH battery)

    Guesstimating CT Wh/mile @ 70 MPH Cube topper 420 Wh/mi, range 475 miles Aero topper 360 Wh/mi, range 555 miles (best value?) Topperless 350 Wh/mi, range 570 miles Thoughts? Quantified guesstimates?
  2. Cybervan on Twitter by "Cybervan"

    I just came across this lovely rendering of a prospective Tesla Cybervan. It was posted on Twitter by "Cybervan". It's a damn good image. I hope the real thing is similar and soon.
  3. Space Campers for Cybertruck is fantastic!
  4. Cybertruck competitor's mid-gate

    Here are 2 pictures of the 2024 Chevy Silverado's mid-gate. The bar between the wall and the glass is removable. I wonder how. Hopefully this wildly successful and Tesla makes the Cybertruck's mid-gate even better. is
  5. Pass thru possible outline

    10" tall glass could: 1. remove, or 2 hinge up, or 3 slide both ways. 24" tall by 18" wide metal could slide right or left. I think there would need to be both a vault side slide door and an inside the cab slide door. A Mid gate would be so much better, but this seems to me to be about the...
  6. Why the vault is too claustrophobic for sleeping and a tiny topper will make all the difference

    Why the vault is too claustrophobic for sleeping and a tiny topper will make all the difference
  7. Cybervan render

    21' 3" long, 9' tall, 6'4" internal height. I'm conjecturing about efficiency of this van. A company called Maxwell vehicles will convert a Promasters using parts from totaled M3/MY. They will do it for about $35k. Maxwell is getting about 420 Wh/mile. With the 72 Kwh battery those Promasters...
  8. Biggest flaw in Cyberlandr - bed size

    Calling the Cyberlanr's bed "Queen size" is ludicrous. The vault is 6' 6" long and at most, 4' 10 wide. Given that the bed is at a height requiring six layers of 'pleat' I don't see how the length can be over about 5' 10". Given that there is an aisle on the right side I don't see how the bed...
  9. Sensible alternative to CyberLandr and FORM

    This is a simple front hinged curved lid with a manual Westphalia lift mechanism at the rear. It is under 7' tall. Most importantly it has a minimal impact on aerodynamic drag, decreasing range by only 5-10%. When opened it has a stand up height walkway that is ten feet long. It could even be...
  10. Practical stealth (or boondock) camper

    Design criteria is 1. a bed, 2. porta potty 3. minimal aerodynamic drag. This design is simple: a topper and tailbox. Assumes CTs tailgate is removed. The topper could be home built or purchased. The only thing special about the topper is a sliding door on the tail. Access to the topper is thru...
  11. Mid-gate Impossible? Best cab sleeping solution for one? - or kookiest idea yet?

    Remove the right front seat and sleep lengthwise to the CT. This offers 6'6" length. Back seat width is only 5'6". I'm 6-3.
  12. Mid-Gate possible?

    This is a drawing taken from the "Tesla space 2021" on YouTube. The drawing is from Tesla's patent application and features the roll up tonneau. I consider these drawings to to mean the mid-gate is less likely. The upper drawing is one I modified. To make the mid-gate work the tonneau slats must...
  13. Huge simple wedge curved pop top with 48" tailbox

    6' 10" tall, fits under 7' door Minimal increase in aerodynamic drag, 5-8%? Doubles cubes while driving, nearly 4X while parked with top up 48" height inside vault with top down (stealth camping) Simple enough to be home built
  14. CT as teardrop

    This is my primary criteria for making CT campable: A 6.5' sleeping space, 2' tall at ankles and 3' tall at head, plus a Porta potty space 4.5' tall, not near the sleeper's head. The CT alone cannot do this. The sleeping space needs a 6" mattress making the clearance 1.5' at the ankles and 2.5 '...
  15. CT Aero-perfect insert camper

    Approaching perfection. Topper from GnarlyDudeLive features 8 feet of walk space after I added a pop top with panoramic fabric unzipping. I also added the side window and the canvas drop floor tail. Range loss 20%?, 25%? Still good enough for me on a tri-motor. The cubes make the CT livable, not...
  16. CT with midgate as motorhome.

    Here is a quartering view of a camper shell optimized for aerodynamics and my opinion about usable space. It extends 48" behind the rear bumper, the legal max.. This tail area has an internal stand-up height of 6'4". The main body of the vault has 5' of internal height. The overall external...
  17. We need pop top vendors

    I am hoping we have several pop top options like this ASAP. This was an obvious and easy photoshop job.