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  1. Crissa

    EVs vs Floods - no, Florida, they don't explode.

    Transport Evolved takes this on in a rather straightforward way. Warning, lots of chemistry. -Crissa
  2. Crissa

    Thanks to companies like Tesla, California may be going up a slot... California's preliminary data shows GDP growth placing us as the fourth largest economy in the world. -Crissa
  3. Crissa

    New Austin live event next week:

    Ooo, this sounds fun. Furry clubbing is the best. -Crissa
  4. Crissa

    Another scare article on a fire at a Tesla megapack

    Of course, I heard about this from my state fire unit, they have an advisory about the smoke for the hundred or so people who live in the area. It's very sparsely populated, being in the middle of an estuary. Any bets it's another transformer fire, and not a Tesla component? We might not...
  5. Crissa

    Something I dream of doing in my truck...

    Curl up with a good book under that glass ^-^ -Crissa
  6. Crissa

    Can't wait to do this with my truck!

    Exodus wasn't as bad as on the news. Everyone in this shot waited five hours or less to get on the road. And our tent wasn't flawless, but it protected us from the dust. Well, until it was repeatedly hit by little devils. Still, it didn't fall down on the car, just got in. Hot, tho...
  7. Crissa

    What'll we call the side storage?

    There are so many things we can cal them! -Crissa
  8. Crissa

    Line striping goes rogue...

    Rumor is someone did it because they hate self-driving cars. -Crissa
  9. Crissa

    Something is crashing the post-a-reply

    Something new is causing the site to crash on iPad OS Safari. I might have to actually do chores. -Crissa
  10. Crissa

    Road use! (Animated gif)

    We've talked in the past about road use, different lane striping, why cities aren't designed around trucks... Well, my local rail lobby just posted a cute graphic about road design being better for drivers and everyone else: We just won a weird campaign against a group trying to sink our...
  11. Crissa

    Mire details of the 4680 (paywall drops next week)

    Very interesting, and decent reason to subscribe. Can't wait to talk about it with hou guys. -Crissa
  12. Crissa

    Aptera gamma interior design... yoke!

    Aptera has embraced the yoke in their design, taking advantage of the slim look and to give up all the space in the cabin to the humans who will exist inside. Something interesting: The center console is a web of bungee cord, allowing a modular use of the limited space. Once again, giving...
  13. Crissa

    Plug-and-charge: Ford Blue Oval

    We're all looking at how the Lightning shakes out, of course. And so little bits are coming out. According to Transport Evolved, plug and charge - the default mode in a Tesla - is a pay for play service in the Lightning. She does a comparison between the low price that having an Electrify...
  14. Crissa

    Tesla excluded from Texas automotive incentives [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS] Well... Will Elon wake up and smell the coffee about his political influence? Or lack there of? -Crissa
  15. Crissa

    Why Level 2 around-town charging is needed...

    Even if you don't need it, the fact is others do. Whether it be people without home charging, apartment dwellers, old or short-range EVs... On street charging means more EVs and more reliable charging. It means going to grandma's you don't need a granny lead to charge - there's parking nearby...
  16. Crissa

    No 800v for Model 3/Y, but maybe for Cybertruck?

    Five Years Ahead is back with some math looking at possible pack configurations for the new Model Y and some examination of what was said on the earnings call. As we know, there are some basic trade-offs for going to a higher voltage, but this video goes into some. Higher voltage needs new...
  17. Crissa

    Cybertruck reservations halted outside North America

    We heard this was coming... But Tesla turned off the tap. Elon did say they didn't know when they'd be able to fulfill all the reservations, and they have more than they could fulfill in three years... And that they'd stop taking reservations they don't know when they can get to. Well, it...
  18. Crissa

    ...Canoo is still trucking along with their prototypes.

    I was told by a friend who lives down there that he keeps seeing them on the road. But it's always been tough to tell their prototypes from their renders, but I guess they're ready to start showing that they have multiple of them. No idea how they'll get them made; they've had a couple of...
  19. Crissa

    EVs have to sandbag at the races now (Rivian at the dragstrip)

    Cars designed to do this are being told to sandbag bs modified cars. -Crissa
  20. Crissa

    ...A Zero Motorcycle!

    Okay, it's not fair at all. A used Zero can be had for $6K and even the fanciest one doesn't break $30K. You get two seats and no DC charging. But a Zero is a great complement vehicle. It can fit in places not even a compact car will go. And the DS and FX models are great offroad - and at...