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  1. TyPope

    Tesla Semi Launch Event Dec 1

    Holy crap! I was thinking they were sticking with 400v structure for the CT. MW charging will be something. Will there be a different connector on the CT for MW and standard charging?
  2. TyPope

    What music / songs will you blast on day 1 of Cybertruck ownership?

    If I can pick it up in Texas, "Life is a Highway" will have to be the first song... heading back to Nebraska. Probably followed by whatever my girls want to hear... assuming one or more go down there with me. By myself? A big mix from relaxing "The River Flows in You" by Yiruma through top 40...
  3. TyPope

    Cybertruck Production Per Year for X IDRA 9T at Giga Texas

    What if that second casting machine is for the Front casting? Has anyone at Tesla said they can cast a front end heavy duty enough for the Cybertruck? Have any been produced? Did we not see the practice castings? I think they'll use 2 9k ton presses on one single line of CT production. If...
  4. TyPope

    Cyber Truck pricing

    I think I'd also have a tough time rationalizing 6 figures... However, after 2 years of waiting for my Cybertruck, rational thought probably won't get much say when I'm hitting the option list! Going all in on this one.
  5. TyPope

    PSA: Cybertruck body shell exoskeleton is not one contiguous piece of bent steel

    The Delorean welds still show through though. I do agree that using stainless steel throughout would avoid any dissimilar metal corrosion though... Something we always looked out for on F-15s back in the day when they were the new hotness.
  6. TyPope

    Franz Interview - Talks About Cybertruck Design, Petersen Exhibit, and Production Model Hints!

    Here's where he talks about the CT... Interviewer: Talk about the Cybertruck design. How did this design come to be? Franz: Ha. The CT is one of these rare moments where, in a way, form follows function. A lot of times we put form in front of the function especially in the automotive world...
  7. TyPope

    Tesla Semi Launch Event Dec 1

    Great point!
  8. TyPope

    Cyber Truck pricing

    You are probably correct. Elon didn't price the CT on a timeline to be released in 2019. Inflation for 2021 was 7%. It is 7.7% this year. That makes the (tri-motor) CT, inflation adjusted $80,552. Now, that's 15.24% higher than the announced price. It's possible Elon used a pricing that...
  9. TyPope

    IDRA Assembling Second 9K Press In ITALY For Testing!

    At this point, they are most likely checking their own production for mistakes. Hate to send a huge part overseas just to have to have it shipped back because Bob didn't take the piston sleeve down to the right tolerance. Dammit, Bob.
  10. TyPope

    PSA: Cybertruck body shell exoskeleton is not one contiguous piece of bent steel

    Okay. Seems seams shouldn't be too much of an issue with welding the stainless steel. I suppose it also won't be an issue welding the 3mm outer shell to the most likely thinner pre-primed non-stainless steel of the support structure/interior. At least, I believe that the interior unibody will...
  11. TyPope

    PSA: Cybertruck body shell exoskeleton is not one contiguous piece of bent steel

    Right! Also, while not impossible, it may not be reasonable to expect welds to work without changing the color or shine of stainless steel. Built from one sheet, doors, trunk, and tailgate separate, the exoskeleton can be bonded to the interior structure to make one really strong body. It'll...
  12. TyPope

    PSA: Cybertruck body shell exoskeleton is not one contiguous piece of bent steel

    Yeah. I hope that's not the case and that Elon has that "One more thing" moment that is better than the Q & A type answer of "We are working on it." I don't even care if he talks timing as long as he says something like "We've got the design finalized and are currently building about 30 by...
  13. TyPope

    Cyber Truck pricing

    Here's a couple things we DO know: 1. Tesla nets around 30% on each vehicle.30% profit link 2. Inflation has gone up 15.15% since the unveiling of the CT. Inflation 3. Elon has said the price will probably change because the world has changed. 4. Tesla could, in theory, eat the 15.15%...
  14. TyPope

    Cyber Truck pricing

    Add to that Elon's "Price will change some." statement. I don't think it'll be the 30% doom and gloom change people seem to like to throw out there.
  15. TyPope

    PSA: Cybertruck body shell exoskeleton is not one contiguous piece of bent steel

    ... and now back to the topic. Now, while I REALLY don't think Tesla will make the CT out of a single piece of steel like this picture... I think it IS possible to make the CT out of just a few panels... I'm using super duper high-rez imaging software here with an advanced technical...
  16. TyPope

    Rumor: 30 Cybertrucks to be manually built in December 2022 [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS or TWITTER TALK]

    I think it was just a recommendation... or hope. Tesla hasn't indicated when the first Beta would come out. The post probably would have been more clear if it said "It would be awesome if Elon took delivery of the first Beta during the Semi delivery event." I can see Elon now, standing in...
  17. TyPope

    Interesting MY M3 door handle software update

    Door handles took a little to get used to. I still tell people "If you get in the right side, put your right thumb in the wide spot of the handle. Left side use left hands". Pretty easy once you've got the correct hand involved but yeah, I like the recessed handles but there has to be a...
  18. TyPope

    Will Tesla stay firm with a 3mm thick stainless steel exoskeleton for production?

    Elon: "If there was anything stronger, we'd have used it"
  19. TyPope

    Towing Capacity and Range?

    Technically, physics will win out and you'll get range dictated by physics and available Energy.
  20. TyPope

    FSD Using Cameras in Rain??

    It kind of makes sense that when it's too dangerous to drive with limited visibility, FSD would ALSO have it tough. I mean, we all want to be able to keep plowing along with some kind of super vision in our Teslas but realistically, do we WANT to plow along with people who also can't see and...