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  1. Sandy Munro Tours IDRA Facilities 9,000 Ton Giga Press

    Very interesting, they seem to be really pushing the technology to new levels (not that I know anything about it :) ) Seem intent on expanding to other OEMs also.
  2. Yoke to Steering wheel; is this too obvious?

    Kyle from OutOfSpec on Youtube just bought a Plaid MS and will be changing out the yoke, might be worth following along. I'm not a yoke fan either, especially for a truck but I'm unlikely to go to the the trouble and expense of changing it. Really hope it becomes an option!
  3. Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    Did they ask about potential price changes? Hopefully Elon keeps his word about price (not likely ha!) Glad that he's realized that following other manufacturers' lead can be a good thing (quad motors, rear wheel steering) just as other manufacturers have followed Tesla.
  4. New Silverado videos / email update. Still know nothing about the CT....

    I haven't paid any attention to the Chevy EV truck at all, thanks for posting the video, pretty impressive imo. Obviously price and actual release date are extremely important details.
  5. Got my reservation for a Silverado EV, tired of waiting

    No interest in the F150 Lightning?
  6. How the latest Cybertruck doors open (videos)

    Is this still the system with fewer components and less engineering? :)
  7. How the latest Cybertruck doors open (videos)

    Well spotted. The no door handles thing seems like more gimmicky, over engineered stuff from Tesla, like the gullwing doors on model x.
  8. Munro's new ride... Rivian

    Sandy is blown away by the engineering. "Probably the last vehicle I will ever buy" Hopefully the CT will be actually released at some point so that he might change his mind ...
  9. Same old story on CT update

    My Cybertruck order number is in the low 3000s, I bought Tsla @$28, I remember Musk saying a Tesla truck to compete with the f150 was a couple of years 2013! I've ordered an F150 and am confident it will be a couple of years old before my Cybertruck arrives....
  10. Rear Wheel Steering

    Some countries refer to the trunk as the "boot" I have heard front trunks referred to as "froots". I can't decide if I hate it or absolutely love it!?
  11. Let's be honest - who disliked and/or was repulsed by the Cybertruck when they first saw it?

    It's even more reminiscent of the Aston Martin Bulldog!
  12. Let's be honest - who disliked and/or was repulsed by the Cybertruck when they first saw it?

    I'm a contractor and have a similar attitude, utility over looks. I am still unclear about the supposed storage in the sail pillars plus a proper ladder rack is a necessity for me. I did order right away once I saw the price and am glad I did.