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  1. Zabhawkin

    Model Y Munro live update

    Holy crap.
  2. Zabhawkin

    Out of spec reviews long range towing F-150 & Rivian.

    This would be on the good end of the spectrum, in my opinion normal towing would be between these guys and TFL
  3. Zabhawkin

    TFL Truck F-150 lightning Ike gauntlet

    A few things to note, the F-150 is compared to a Cummings powered Dodge 2500, so its punching well above its weight class.
  4. Zabhawkin

    Gas Prices

    Interesting video, covering gas prices of the past, present and speculation as to why they aren't drilling. One that is more humorous, and dips a little bit into market speculation.
  5. Zabhawkin

    Roof marker light

    So I have been hearing all kinds of reasons the Cybertruck requires the roof marker lights, typically if it's over 80 inches wide. But that left me confused because there are several vehicles wider than 80 inches that don't have them. No one linked to the actual rules and left stuff out. It...
  6. Zabhawkin

    We have some definite challenges ahead. 2020, total U.S. primary,or about 93 quadrillion Btu. Even if you take just transportation and residential we will need more than...