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  1. RMK!

    Musk say's "Too much on my plate" [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    With Elon's recent candid yet obvious admission, what do Tesla Cybertruck reservation holders think about this over worked genius putting too many balls in the air? To add another metaphor to the mix, he seems the victim of a self inflicted wound. As a shareholder, the owner of a Tesla Solar...
  2. RMK!

    Am I the only person here who would like Elon to STFU? [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    As an inadvertent supporter (I own Tesla cars, solar and stock), I used to think Elon was your normal, run of the mill eccentric engineering genius. But with his impulsive desire for attention, this insecure, immature little man is undoing much of the good his obsessive hard work has produced...
  3. RMK!

    OMG! look what showed up in my driveway this morning

    The wait is over ... Sandy Munro will NOT be happy with the panel gaps.
  4. RMK!

    Are you a CyberTruck reservation holder who made multiple reservations and why?

    I find the possibility of speculators ("flippers") a unique twist in all this Cybertruck discussion. The wife and I bought Tesla's (MY,M3) in 2021 that are now, even with thousands of miles on them, purportedly worth 10-20% more than what we paid. I'm pretty sure that never, in the history of...
  5. RMK!

    The Cybertruck was my intro to Tesla

    I reserved a Cybertruck Tri Motor on Dec 3rd, 2019 thinking it might be available when my current cars lease ends this summer (Range Rover). I have no idea where I am in the delivery schedule que but with my current vehicle coming off lease soon I need a car. With an strong interest in Tesla and...