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  1. Statically Charged Exoskeleton

    Posting just because we are always looking for new topics. How hard do you think it would be to create a mechanism that could quickly build a static charge on the exoskeleton of the CT? Obviously the body will be grounded to the battery, but would there be a simple way to break the ground and...
  2. Cyber Truck pricing

    You’re right. I would argue most people don’t get a truck because it either doesn’t have the seating or it’s got a lower mpg than they want for a daily driver. The CT will be very attractive with 6 seats, very high mpge and crazy cool storage options. I think I will be seeing moms drop their...
  3. Cyber Truck pricing

    It will be what it will be
  4. A look at Cybertruck & Cyberquad inside Tesla’s Peterson Museum Exhibit

    T slots would be incredibly dumb on the bed of the truck. i have a hard enough time sweeping out a bed without them. They would clog up like crazy. If there were a continuous cleat or counter cleat along the bottom edge of the side walls you could strap down 99% of loads sufficiently.
  5. Rumor: 30 Cybertrucks to be manually built in December 2022 [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS or TWITTER TALK]

    tell me what year you think you will realistically get your CT in and tell me how many years since the announcement?
  6. Rumor: 30 Cybertrucks to be manually built in December 2022 [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS or TWITTER TALK]

    Great 30 CTs. That's almost insulting to the people who will have waited 5 years. This Twitter fiasco is certainly going to slow down the push to get the CT going. Why is it that it seems like the CT is an extremely low priority for Elon. It seems like all the other vehicles there was frequent...
  7. Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 4) for Cybertruck

    You should go back to my original statement. It's in the near future. "we will see". Airstream is coming out with a self propelled trailer link. Most trailer braking uses a caliper mounted to the hitch so that the car doesn't need a feed to the tow vehicle. With current braking tech the trailer...
  8. Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 4) for Cybertruck

    No it wouldn't. The trailer would be programmed to accelerate when the accelerator is pressed, coast when coasting and brake when braking. A couple companies are already coming out with these. If the trailer has momentum whether it created it by itself or if the momentum was created by the tow...
  9. Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 4) for Cybertruck

    We will be seeing a lot more self propelled trailers. They will be costly, but they will improve range a lot. Really upwards of 250 to 300 miles is a lot to drive without stopping anyway. So, either way, there will soon enough be a solution for EV trucks. Or just save up and get the tesla semi!
  10. 2023 Cybertruck Possible New upgrades

    The cool thing is that the software will predict the range based on these types of factors rigth? So at least we will be able to plan correctly. I think the world of aerodynamic lightweight trailers will start booming again. It's interesting that Airstream with its aviation roots was making...
  11. Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 4) for Cybertruck

    And the tesla DC charger cost $60k-$75k. so theres that to consider as well. I am putting 6 chargers at our office and did a bunch of research on the chargers. Tesla offers 220 3 phase and other cooler charging options in other countries, but in the US we are stuck with 220v single phase. In...
  12. Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 4) for Cybertruck

    Came out about 2 weeks ago. it is slightly more expensive. $550 vs. $400 for the Tesla plug. Here is the link: J1772 wall connector
  13. Musk say's "Too much on my plate" [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    To just put this in perspective. He probably spent less then $5B on Giga Texas so far, which will have about 10,000 employees. He spent $44B on Twitter which had 7,500 employees now seems like they have about half that. This may go down in history as the dumbest purchase ever. It will definitely...
  14. Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 4) for Cybertruck

    Tesla does make a charger now with the J1772 plug on it. If you know you are going to get a non tesla vehicle it may make more sense to just get that charger so you don't have to mess with an adapter.
  15. Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 4) for Cybertruck

    Its pretty simple. You need to get wiring from the panel to the location you want the charger. You need to make sure your panel has capacity to cover that charger. Ideally 60 amps. You can look at your electrical bill and it should give you a peak demand. If you divide that by 120 volts that...
  16. 2023 Cybertruck Possible New upgrades

    But its a cyborg pony and its corn is an anti zombie tesla coil. My kids are getting a little older so it takes a little more testing of the boundaries of physics to keep them entertained. Who wouldn't like to watch zombies get fried with a stainless CT my little pony cyborg thing.
  17. 2023 Cybertruck Possible New upgrades

    I want to start an EV company that makes crazy simple durable trucks. I have a stick shift 2005 ranger with roll down windows and I love it because its really simple. Think 1990-94 Toyota pickup EV. I really do think Tesla would be smart to start an EV skateboard platform with standard...
  18. New Cybertruck video clip (from Cyber Rodeo 2022). Shows tail lights & reverse lights

    I bet $10 that the drop on the rear bumper underneath is to conceal a spare tire. Any takers? Its tough to compete with a work truck without a spare. For personal use or play it may not be a big deal but for a work truck it really is important.