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  1. Tesla reliability and cost of ownership.

    Can say the same for my GMC Acadia I took delivery on April 2020- not even a single issue since that 65k miles on it. Oil change cost $120, twice a year. The vehicle price is 20k less than MY. For this money difference I don't care paying for changing oil. 2018 Jerp Grand Cherokee - no issues...
  2. Long time reader

    Could be seeing trip A distance, or trip B, or whatever it is. Sorry, I don’t have Tesla and have no idea how it is shown there. But many cars I owned hade these Trips readings…
  3. EV-specific trailers incoming!

    4 pages of hard offtopic!
  4. Pointless Cybertruck mirrors!

    Sorry to say that, but looks like one more guy that never towed. No practical experience.... This camera system is really cool, while you stay on the parking lot and have tons of time to play with views. It helps when you park, back up trailer. There is no doubt here. What about while you are...
  5. Is this a new Tesla at the Peterson Museum?

    I like one of the comments below this picture: “ Cybertruck's actual form. What we have seen previously was just a camouflaged test mule.”
  6. Pointless Cybertruck mirrors!

    Crissa, looks like you’ve never towed any real things, therefore, keep arguing. I am gonna kill this debate.
  7. Pointless Cybertruck mirrors!

    They are! But not as the main source! Would like to see a man towing using 5th wheel mirrorless. Don't think anyone would give up mirrors and just use cameras....
  8. Pointless Cybertruck mirrors!

    Have you ever towe anything longer than 15 ft? Have you ever tried back up 30-35ft trailer? Cameras are awesome as an adds, not as a main source
  9. Ram 1500 EV Pickup Mule Spied Testing For First Time 📸

    Looks like you have never driven Opel, Renault, VAZ, and so on.... Ford is still nice car. You just got wrongs all the time :-)
  10. TSLA investing strategy with Elon’s tweets

    Why would you care about his billions? If you are so smart why are you still so poor (compared to Elon)? Have you ever established any publicly traded company? He knows what he is doing. For the majority of people, it looks stupid, the same way it looked when he started Tesla's business. Not...
  11. Ram 1500 EV Pickup Mule Spied Testing For First Time 📸

    When I say quality does Tesla pop into your mind 😃
  12. Chevy Silverado EV WT (Work Truck) PRICING Revealed!

    $73k + $1.8k dest. fee+ CA tax 8%=$81k NAH!
  13. Cybertruck Production Advances to TOOLING Phase!

    It has been a few weeks after earning report. Where is promised Elon’s CT? Will not surprise if we won't see it till next Feb-March.
  14. Building contractor & Ford Pickup owner says Cybertruck should be better work truck than Lightning

    Why do you all bash ford so much? Let’s give Ford a credit their Lightenings on the road already. Yes, they are not perfect, and specs lower, but they are on the road and on the job sites already. I have never seen even a single CT on the job site powering tools, but seen Ford. On a paper CT...
  15. How many CTs will be purchased and delivered to the public in 2023?

    As you pointed the date was shifted 3 times already. Don't see any reasons why it couldn't be shifted 4th time. Batteries production hell, WW3, Putin-Biden, recession, mining problems, supply chains issues and this list could go on and on. So my point is, before I see a couple of them on the...
  16. How many CTs will be purchased and delivered to the public in 2023?

    Why there is no “Less than 0” Option? I am personally thinking Tesla will delay CT to Q1 2024. So no deliveries in 2023. I’ve heard enough from 2019 that production will start 2021, then 2022, then mid 2023, then late 2023….
  17. Will the delivery slope of CT be better?

    I don’t think Tesla will start shipping CT around the globe before they flood down American’s market first. That is my part if speculation…
  18. Will the delivery slope of CT be better?

    How do you know that? Any sources from Tesla? Or it is your best guess???
  19. Rivian vs Lightening Sled pull

    There is no problem to pull 30.000 pounds, the problem is to stop this weight. Therefore truck specs showing 10.000lbs. This is the weight that could be safely stopped by the truck