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  1. Tinker71

    Will TSLA offer CT discount for prior TSLA FSD testers?

    The price of the model Y is already fallen in China in Europe. This is a function of competition, increased production volumes and decreased wait times. I suspect Tesla will need to continue to sweeten the pot to keep up the sales volume, especially in a global recession. As an olive...
  2. Tinker71

    Lithium # Batteries = production rate

    I read an article that Tesla locked up substantial lithium supply 10 years ago when there was little competition. How much could they have locked up? I can hardly believe the production increases in the stationary battery storage market, Tesla plus everyone else. That has got to be a...
  3. Tinker71

    CT vs Y price differential

    @Crissa made a great point in the CT pricing debate. 'Tesla knew the CT would be a great cost/mile of range value as compared to the model Y' While this appears true today; I think you have to flash back to early 2019 when Elon was looking to shock the world with the CT pricing. During...
  4. Tinker71

    IFF 4ws was a stand alone upgrade what is the MAXIMUM you would pay?

    This is a HYPOTHETICAL POLL. NO RESPONSE REQUIRED. VOTE OR DON'T. IFF (if and only if) We know Elon does not like too many options in the manufacturing line. He also is an engineering perfectionist. Personally I think the he would be annoyed and embarrassed anytime his saw a CT doing...
  5. Tinker71

    How many CT3 reservation holders would change to a CT2 if only CT2 were produced for the first 18 months.

    Answer this question from the perspective of a CT3 reservation holder or CT2 holder thinking about upgrading to a CT3, knowing the following: This CT2 has a range of 320 miles and 4ws and the 2023 price listed is $59,900. The future CT3 price is not known yet but it won't be available to...
  6. Tinker71

    Tesla can now price the Cybertruck (after tax credit bill deal)

    With the CT now available for the $7500 tax credit, Tesla can finally price the CT. I suspect the CT2 edition will take the biggest hit since it will definitely be less than $80,000. $49000 to $57,400 Will it be that obvious? That said it would be in line with what many have predicted...
  7. Tinker71

    Battle of the Giga factories

    I watched the latest Berlin drone video. A couple things really struck me in comparison to the Giga Texas video. I had assumed that the giga factories were more similar. I could not be more wrong. Some of the differences can be attributed to regional construction and product mix but I...
  8. Tinker71

    Join the Aptera Petition for Tesla Plug Standard I would love this. The Tesla plug is clearly better. Let's not have to fuss with adapters for our CT. Every ounce of material saved and making the plug standard smooth and sleek helps the EV...
  9. Tinker71

    Nio ES7 vs CT

    The competition is heating up. For many of us the CT will be mostly used as a rugged SUV with the ability to tow, most of the time. This NIO offering is intriguing because it is designed to tow, supplies substantial power to the trailer, and I believe has a swappable battery up to 150Kwhr...
  10. Tinker71

    4680 Progress

    Is the Tesla decision to allow Model Y sales to local Texas Y reservation holders a good sign? I think so. Step 1: Pre release testing. Lab and track. Step 2: Release to employees for best feedback and...
  11. Tinker71

    CT end of life

    Since the batteries are the most expensive single part of a EV many people think that when they see significant degradation that is the end of life for an EV. Because other component failures will start to fail around that time as well. I have been hoping since the beginning that 2-3 million...
  12. Tinker71

    LFP Cybertruck

    Sorry I have to do it again. With the recent announcement that Gigaaustin will produce both 2170 model Y and 4680 model Ys and that GigaBerlin will start with 2170 is clear to me Tesla might be struggling with the 4680s. They also said they won't switch Berlin over until late in the year...
  13. Tinker71

    Will you sell TSLA shares to pay for your CT?

    I am just curious to see how many people are going to be cashing in TSLA shares to pay for their CT? Personally, as long the price is over $1000 I will sell shares for a 50% down payment. I am a mid-comer so I am guessing I will get mine late 2024.
  14. Tinker71

    HD receivers front and rear

    Ok - these are not light and most HD trucks don't have these. The front would support a hell of a snow plow, but what about the ones in the back? I am going to guess a bolt on camper extension or roll cage rack system. That hitch looks like 1/2" wall tube steel.
  15. Tinker71

    Tesla should buy Aptera as the perfect CT companion

    I just saw the article about the Aptera getting a yoke like the Tesla. If Tesla were to purchase Aptera, the FSD and yoke would transfer straight across. The Tesla service and distribution network would also be a great synergy. With Tesla's purchasing power and newfound manufacturing...
  16. Tinker71

    65005 reasons we need the Plaid Cybertruck

    65000 people are willing to pay over $100k for a 9000# behemoth. 65001 - the CT3 is superior in almost every statistic, the quad plaid would blow the Hummer away 65002 - the CT in any form will be way more environmentally friendly. Likely 60% of the watts per mile. 65003 - the high margin...
  17. Tinker71

    Cybertruck source code

    We all read the stories about the computer sleuths finding tidbits of information on the new Tesla models or features before they roll out. If I recall there are already hints about the CT with some off-road sensors etc. What go me wondering about all this was the potential model line up for...
  18. Tinker71

    Battery Swapping - standards

    I recently bought NIO on the dip, mostly because the momentum with the battery swaps in Asia. While Tesla obviously thought hard about battery swaps and went the other way, it was a USA driven mindset. I think they made the right decision. I don't really see vehicle battery swaps...
  19. Tinker71

    CT Plaid - Interior by Mercedes

    In my Rivian price swing post I hypothesized a $130k Plaid CT Quad 4WS. I actually think Tesla could price the CT Plaid higher than the S Plaid. After all it will have the highest range and the best tech. Since Telsa "owes us" a CT3 tri motor level performance for $70-80K and there...
  20. Tinker71

    CT Use of rare earth magnets

    I always wondered why the RWD single motor CT had a range of 250 miles while the dual motor had a range of 300 miles. While the easy answer is a slightly larger battery pack, could it be that one of the motors in the CT2 is a permanent magnet motor and it is more efficient. Like Tesla does...