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  1. Berno

    Pics of Cybertruck folding machine (stamping extension) area

    Those could be graves. Maybe they will bury Twitter there.
  2. Berno

    Ram 1500 EV Pickup Mule Spied Testing For First Time 📸

    Those wipers are pathetic 🤮
  3. Berno

    Brown CT

    I only drink Sizzurp. Will my CT turn purple?
  4. Berno

    Off Road Dreaming

    This guy is crushing it on bike tires. Probably more “off roading” then 90% of Cyber trucks (and 99.9% of Suburbans) will ever see.
  5. Berno

    $396.00 wiper pump

    It’s really important for me to be able to work on my vehicle. This has been a concern of mine going into owning a CT. I bought my Tacoma (best truck ever)in 2001 and I’ve visited a mechanic less then ten times (apart from tires, smog, and alignment). I’m not a mechanic but I’ve done most of...
  6. Berno

    The real problem with EVs: They're not LOUD

    He conjures up the scenario of a NASCAR race without the roaring engines. I wonder what that might sound like. I’m imagining the combination of a pig farm and an all-male orgy. No offense to all-male orgies. Maybe some chanting after the Coors light starts to kick in. “Electricity will not...
  7. Berno

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    I’m pretty far down the reservation list, so I would probably listen to G.G. Allen “Last in Line for the Gangbang”.
  8. Berno

    Will Rivian Make It?

    I saw an R1S today when I was in Irvine. It had a crazy paint job with thin orange and silver stripes swirling around. Actually it was probably a wrap, maybe some sort of camouflage to obscure photos. Anyways, it looked good. I think the SUV makes more sense for Rivian then the truck. The...
  9. Berno

    Humm along with me

    The suspension looks interesting. I’ve seen this truck around before. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get some photos while it’s parked.
  10. Berno

    Release the Kraken - Rivian R1S seen in the Wild

    I think the Rivian makes a lot more sense as an SUV. They will sell a ton of these.
  11. Berno

    ...A Zero Motorcycle!

    I don’t know what the rules are for ebikes but where I live it seems to be in the Wild West phase. Lots of kids have them and they are really going nuts. It’s not uncommon to be driving and look over to see a 12 year old on a Sur Ron beside you going 25 mph in a full wheelie. They run stops and...
  12. Berno

    IDRA announces 9000T gigapress at open house in June

    Maybe it’s going to one of the other factories or possibly SpaceX
  13. Berno

    Teslas, Teslas everywhere

    Those bikes are insane, but I need something I can ride on the street. Zero’s are tough to beat but there are a lot of new bikes coming out. Maybe the Switch EScrambles or the Evoke Gemini. Even the Fonzarelli NKD would be fun for in town.
  14. Berno

    Cyber Rodeo Announced For Giga Texas @ April 7!

    The Californians are coming to take your jobs! Of no, you built your wall in the wrong place!!
  15. Berno

    Cyber Rodeo Announced For Giga Texas @ April 7!

    Tell that to James Bowie and William Travis. “Make America Mexico Again” HaHaHa
  16. Berno

    The end will come with a whimper not a bang

    I feel like there will continue to be applications for petroleum and ICE vehicles that are, preferable and desirable, for a while. Things like long range jets, remote work sites, and classic cars/planes. The planet would probably be pretty happy if 90% of the power grid and 90% of transportation...
  17. Berno

    TeslaConTexas April 5-9 (Sandy Munro will be a featured speaker)

    This is great news. We really need some fresh info. The threads have been getting a little dicey lately. I don’t want to know what might happen to the Cyber Truck Owners (fight) Club if they fail to mention CT at this event. Although, I’m pretty sure that Putin is going to show up wearing his...
  18. Berno


    R2-D2 from Space war, but I like to call it ‘Star Wars’. By the way, I used to live in the old army barracks on the corner of Hobron and Lipeepee. Just inside the Ala Wai. Good times