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  1. Mike the cyberguy

    Pointless Cybertruck mirrors!

    Talk to your politicians and tell them to get rid of the stupid mirrors and be like Europe.
  2. Mike the cyberguy

    Tesla Wall Connector (Gen 4) for Cybertruck

    I don't think they should make a Special charger for the CT, different from what they already have now. The Technology of the cyber truck will have all the Bells and whistles inside that will do the magic.🤞😅🫰
  3. Mike the cyberguy

    New Cybertruck Body Shell photos taken INSIDE Giga Texas! 🤳

    If those are the bodies they're probably inside a Wooden crate They are probably going to use them for training purposes.😃👍
  4. Mike the cyberguy

    It’s looking like 2024 for Cybertruck deliveries

    I just want my CT when they figure out the 4680 cell (# 500ml, 5,500LB, $69,420)🤤
  5. Mike the cyberguy

    2 Cybertruck Exoskeleton Bodies Arrive at Giga Texas! * UPDATE * Elon Confirmed

    Look closely, the angles, the sharp corners, next to the paint shop, and the Production Is is nowhere close. I think Elon is trying to f*** with us to see what kind of reaction we will give him.
  6. Mike the cyberguy

    Does Stainless Steel shield EMP?

    Great question, I've always wondered about it
  7. Mike the cyberguy

    Does Stainless Steel shield EMP?

    During 2019 reveal, Elon said the windows are a Armored translucent metal. Wouldn't that Deflect the EMP?
  8. Mike the cyberguy

    Does Stainless Steel shield EMP?

    Great question 🤔
  9. Mike the cyberguy

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    Metal, that goes well with SS.
  10. Mike the cyberguy

    FSD Using Cameras in Rain??

    This is what I found online, it's some sort of new patent. I'm sure they can incorporate with their fantastic cameras to make their FSD 100%
  11. Mike the cyberguy

    Tester Cybertruck Prototype Spotted on a Tow Truck!

    I hope it opens like the lightnings.🤞
  12. Mike the cyberguy

    Cybertruck baby brother

    It's way out of my price range, I heard it's gonna be around $200,000.00
  13. Mike the cyberguy

    Official CyberTruck Trailer?

    If they made it this shape, it would be more aerodynamic.