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  1. Tesla Semi Launch Event Dec 1

    I test drove the Lightning the other day. It's a very good truck, and many people will be very happy driving them. Is it all things to all people? Not at all. It's the kind of truck you use as a DD that can carry things, which is a popular use-cases for pickup trucks - but not how I'm using...
  2. Special Driving Permit for Tesla Semi

    You might want to look into the Toterhome RV community. They use full-sized semi trucks (often modified), and know all of the non-commercial loopholes. Their rigs are a bit pricey, though.
  3. Semi Delivery Event Official Announcment! 12.1 at Giga Nevada!

    I double checked the account name and it looks legit, but I'm having more trouble believing anything I see on Twitter than I did last year. I'll wait for the email before I get excited, I guess.
  4. EV-specific trailers incoming!

    While traditional SMTP is neither secured nor authenticated, large sites like Gmail and Office365 use encrypted and certificated connections between themselves, and have done so for many years. Source: I worked at Yahoo! for a time, and even they used encrypted SMTP with certificates whenever...
  5. Pointless Cybertruck mirrors!

    I could use some additional pixels and dynamic range on the Furrion camera on my camper. The resolution, FOV, and dynamic range are all far lower than the really-good cameras on my Model Y. Cameras can be extremely good, but the details of the implementation matter a lot.
  6. Pointless Cybertruck mirrors!

    That's a California thing. In Illinois and Virginia, motorcycles are treated like every other vehicle in terms of traffic rules and traffic flow. I'm convinced that California knows how make rules for motorcycles that work within their driving environment. I'm not convinced that Californians...
  7. Pointless Cybertruck mirrors!

    I was never tempted to lane-split when I was riding, because I see a lot of drivers do stupid lane changes near traffic lights. I do not want to get mixed up with that. In the environments in which I've ridden motorcycles (not California), the danger of being sideswiped by an oblivious driver...
  8. Pointless Cybertruck mirrors!

    That's just a California thing, at least here in the US. Lane splitting is illegal / impractical / just-not-done in every US state where I've held a motorcycle license, and this isn't a significant consideration for most Americans. In Illinois, lane splitting would be suicidal for the most...
  9. Pointless Cybertruck mirrors!

    I wonder if the A-pillar tweeters can be replaced with high-res HDR screens. The area is a little small, though, and it's already used for something else. That's setup where our existing habits would still work, with the side-mirror drag penalty removed.
  10. Pointless Cybertruck mirrors!

    The conventional mirror setup on my Model Y works just fine. It's intuitive, and my habits from previous vehicles translate well. There's nothing wrong with regular mirrors (especially when supplemented by well-placed cameras), except for the aero-drag penalty. If there were a mirrorless...
  11. Ram 1500 EV Pickup Mule Spied Testing For First Time 📸

    Rivian should be on your list, too. They're EV-only and SUV/truck focused.
  12. Are you using a Residential-rated receptacle Then an EV Industrial Rated receptacle to charge?

    I made a day-trip to Chicago in the Y last weekend, and paid for a downtown parking garage and admission-for-3 to an art museum on the fuel savings. Chicago is a very nice city!
  13. Are you using a Residential-rated receptacle Then an EV Industrial Rated receptacle to charge?

    Nice! Shopping in 2022, I was expecting BOM-cost to be about what you paid - but my local chain hardware stores and online sources are charging about 5x what I expected for wire. I really wish I'd purchased some wire back in 2019, but I'm willing to adjust my expectations in a rapidly changing...
  14. Are you using a Residential-rated receptacle Then an EV Industrial Rated receptacle to charge?

    I've been pricing out the components, and it's really easy to spend $500 on #4 wiring for a modest wiring run. Add in the other parts, and the labor of a skilled person, and $1200 isn't unreasonable. I wouldn't be surprised if your competing bid is over $1000.
  15. gmc truck

    My GMC Sierra Hybrid is "professional grade" because it's a trim level not available on the Silverado. As to whether the second owner (me) really cares about the details of what that trim level entails is an open question. I liked the leather and the sunroof, but I didn't really care about the...
  16. New Cybertruck Body Shell photos taken INSIDE Giga Texas! 🤳

    MD Juan is the vehicle fabrication company I've heard of in the Philippines: They make reproduction vintage Jeep bodies - and even a whole kit-in-a-crate, if you want to build your Jeep from parts. I thought they made stainless steel Jeep bodies at one point (stainless...
  17. I have a ton of early Cybertruck reservations and want to partner up for a business

    That's upfitting, not reselling. Upfitters make everything from ambulances to plumbing vans to RVs, based on vehicles from major manufacturers, and they are explicitly supported by companies like Ford (and others - Ford is just the last one I looked at most recently). It's a real business --...
  18. I have a ton of early Cybertruck reservations and want to partner up for a business

    What kind of business uses a pickup truck as the primary focus? I'm scratching my head here. Most of the businesses use the pickup as a tool to support the real business. For instance, a electrician business where the pickup truck is used to store and transport tools and materials depends on...
  19. Does Stainless Steel shield EMP?

    Hangar leases here (Illinois) require that you use it the space for an aviation-related purpose. Probably depends on your local market conditions, though.
  20. Does Stainless Steel shield EMP?

    If you're worried about EMP, just park your spare m vehicle in an airplane hangar and call it a day. Most airplane hangars are grounded metal boxes which, for those paying attention, is a faraday cage. You may need to get a pilot's license and buy a plane in order to do this. This, my...