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  1. TirNaOg

    Will you use Cybertruck as a daily driver? What are you trading in?

    Daily driver, YESSSSSSS! No trade in :( Was gona trade in my expedition but it died a year ago. Ended up replacing with a Kia Niro. First EV and a bloody great car. But I want my CT!!!
  2. TirNaOg

    It’s looking like 2024 for Cybertruck deliveries

    I have a question on reservations, isnt that just a place in line to order first? I mean if your in PRe-order sya 150K in line but get the email to configure and order it and you end up doing that really really fats, :) , then might not your Order position be way before your pre-order position...
  3. TirNaOg

    Report: Cybertruck Battery Pack Production Will Initially Begin at Tesla Fremont Factory

    Well if the Semi can really get 500miles fully ladden, then I think the Cybertruck range is safe bet between 350 and 500. Just my opinion. :) CT2 with 350+ real range is what I would like. For towers I can see wanting that 500mile one. Tooling..... yipeee!
  4. TirNaOg

    Tester Cybertruck Prototype Spotted on a Tow Truck!

    Dont remember a panel gap near the front wheel arch. Could that be the split where the frunk opens up, like a mega frunk! :)
  5. TirNaOg

    A bit of a short one!

    sorry address doesnt seem to work.
  6. TirNaOg

    A bit of a short one!

    Some inside shots
  7. TirNaOg

    Musk: "Cybertruck pricing and specs will be different, but it will be a damn fine product."

    Question? When do ye all think we shall actually get real news on Price and configuration. When did it come for the other tesla's when they were pre-orders. 6 months from production, 3 months out......
  8. TirNaOg

    Name your Cybertruck

    CT-AT ROM Dredd Slaine B5
  9. TirNaOg

    Tesla AC -> cool?

    Cant say about Tesla's, at least not yet! Elon hurry the #$% up! Want my CT. But my KIA Niro EV was plenty cold in 101 today. within a couple of minutes, cold air :)
  10. TirNaOg

    Updated Predicted Cybertruck Pricing

    dual motor $55K to $60K Quad motor $65K to $70. PLAID $90+
  11. TirNaOg

    Number of Cybertrucks manufactured per year

    A few 1000 by end of '23. Maybe 100000 by end of '24. Full rate by middle of '25. My guess. Hope tis much faster.
  12. TirNaOg

    No Cybertruck Side Sails, for sure

    the way I see it all the CTs we have seen so far are prototypes, testing different things. None are the full spec truck yet. I dont think they even have one built yet that is close to the finished thing yet.
  13. TirNaOg

    What are you going to get while you wait?

    My Ford Expedition died! :( Too much money and too long a time to get it fixed. I was hoping twould last till CT was out but the Force said no. Went out and got a lease on a Kia Nero EV. Nice car, good packaged stuff and pretty good quality. First EV ever. WOW after driving this now for a while...
  14. TirNaOg

    Joe Rogan takes Cybertruck for a Spin! [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Better PIcs, these. Looks good all dirted up. :)
  15. TirNaOg

    Cybertruck Photos Leaked! ? [Added: Video Showing Whole Truck -- Rear & Bed]

    Looks smaller to me. Mirrors do take a bit away from it. Could this be the EU version?
  16. TirNaOg

    VIDEO - Tesla Cybertruck TeraFactory Site Construction Is Well Underway

    Hope his ok. Miss those daily updates. Kept me going waiting for any news on the Cybertruck itself. Was very interesting to see it go up each day. :)
  17. TirNaOg

    SilveradoEV 2024 deets finally revealed:

    Looks nice. Inside and out. I came away understanding that the WT = 39K but if you wanted the 400 mile range on it it was gona be a extra option. The price of that option will be important. ELse a nice try. But Dealer markup is gona be nuts if the F150L is to go by. TOp of the range 105K GM is...