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  1. Edisonsucks

    Where do you want to go?

    Moab/ Southern Utah
  2. Edisonsucks

    So I just got a call from Tesla...

    It would be cool if they offered something along with trading in an older model Tesla. Like a free year of supercharging or upgrades to the vehicle. I’d probably jump into a m3 if that were the case.
  3. Edisonsucks

    Cybertruck Options - When?

    They say you can configure late 2021 as productions starts up.
  4. Edisonsucks

    True Price of the Cybertruck

    If I’m not mistaken price after savings is with the tax credit and other such things taken into account. I’m guessing most people won’t get the tax rebate so it will be purchase price.
  5. Edisonsucks

    protestors outside fremont factory

    You could say the same for Amazon, Apple and many others so I guess it’s how far you want to go with it really.
  6. Edisonsucks

    Cybertruck pics & videos from the Petersen Automotive Museum [Dates Extended Until July 5]

    That’s part of the reason I opted for the tri motor. By the time they start producing those QC should be somewhat locked down I’d imagine.
  7. Edisonsucks

    Is a Cyber line of Tesla vehicles on the horizon?

    Makes sense. The cybertruck is going to slash their cost down so might as well keep the ball rolling with other models.
  8. Edisonsucks

    Dual Motor CT is estimated at 690 horsepower and 824 lb-ft torque

    I test drove the base model 3 and drove some coworkers around while I had it. Everyone was smiling and laughing. Can’t imagine the performance or higher models acceleration.
  9. Edisonsucks

    Anyone polishing their Stainless Steel Cybertruck to a mirror like finish?

    Same. With it being a pretty easy design most people could probably do it themselves.
  10. Edisonsucks

    Do You Currently Drive an EV?

    Test drove the base model 3 a while back and I was hooked. Oddly enough i had already placed a deposit for the CT. Soon.