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  1. Foxx

    Expected Cybertruck pricing / price at launch?

    My thoughts are.. There are likely a lot of multiple reservations (hell, I thought about making more than 1) since it was only $100. I would think that after configuring and committing to a purchase we would could expect to show we were serious about buying. I’m not saying skipping line...
  2. Foxx

    Expected Cybertruck pricing / price at launch?

    Does anyone else suspect a “second round” of deposits to weed out all the BS $100 reservations? It seems logical that a deposit of $1000 or more after configuration makes sense. I’m sure this has been discussed.
  3. Foxx

    Expected Cybertruck pricing / price at launch?

    It would not surprise me to see the price stay pretty close to reveal pricing ~5%. Tesla is not under pressure to subsidize their other vehicle lineups with higher profit margins on their trucks like legacy auto makers. I dare speculate they may tolerate a lower margin on the CT than we may...
  4. Foxx

    Rumor: 30 Cybertrucks to be manually built in December 2022 [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS or TWITTER TALK]

    Disagree, glad to see the site getting monetized. It’s a good sign that there are a lot of views. “to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy through increasingly affordable electric vehicles”
  5. Foxx

    I may not be able to buy a Cybertruck unless something changes. Anyone else?

    I have a different problem. I hit my savings goal for CT recently (I figured it would be three years before my CT would be ready when I started saving 😂). My truck just crapped out after 250k miles. Now what?…I can’t wait another 3 years.
  6. Foxx

    First gen cybertruck vs Second gen

    The perpetual Osborne effect will always persist. Carpe diem! is my perspective.
  7. Foxx

    Deposit Refund

    Just curious. When did you place your order?
  8. Foxx

    Tesla Semi Launch Event Dec 1

    Optimus, pulling semi uphill backwards with a rope in it’s mouth. That’s my prediction…..:ROFLMAO:
  9. Foxx

    Tesla Chill Blanket features Cybertrucks

    For $150 it’s going to need to keep me warm in the cold, cool when it’s hot…..and charge my phone.
  10. Foxx

    New Cybertruck chargeport picture reveals special Tesla logo

    This photo does not pass the smell test for me. I’m not a pro, but it looks funny, too clean or something.
  11. Foxx

    IDRA Announced 900t Giga Press Has Shipped!

    IDRAther see it sitting in Austin!
  12. Foxx

    2 Cybertruck Exoskeleton Bodies Arrive at Giga Texas! * UPDATE * Elon Confirmed

    They are clearly golf carts!! This absolutism has bedrock soundness, based on exhaustive, peer reviewed speculation and volumes of anecdotal implied ignorance. Do not question me sir!!
  13. Foxx

    Cybertruck is waterproof enough to serve as a boat to cross rivers, lakes & calm seas -- confirms Musk 🚤

    EM daydreams of CT cruising around on the surface of Mars. CT being water tight on Earth is undoubtedly related to his intent to pressurize CT on Mars.
  14. Foxx

    Jeep Recon EV Revealed! Off-Roading All-Electric Version of Wrangler Basically...

    After 3 consecutive 1$ million Super Bowl commercials about it
  15. Foxx

    Tesla Cybertruck Likely No Earlier than December 2023

    3. Their dealers will continue to sabotage the transition. That is going to be a much bigger deal than we think today
  16. Foxx

    Tesla Cybertruck Likely No Earlier than December 2023

    perfectionist-genius-madman. 🤣
  17. Foxx

    TFL Says the Cybertruck Will Flop

    I would love to see farm/lawn equipment get into the EV world but I don’t expect it for a long time. Have a 100g fuel tank on trailer and 50g diesel tank to run lawnmowers and tractor. Small farm, (60 acres) but I guess I’m classified as a farmer. My father and I both have a CT on order and...