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    Concept: Inflatable aerodynamic optimization for towing very high and wide trailers with Cybertruck

    Even at very heavy trailers, most makes the aerodynamic resistance. Since I prepare to move 2.53 m width and 4 m high trailers, my engineering department just works on first concepts for this. Since 2.53 m which and 4 m height could be the most extreme example, what sizes of trailers would You tow?
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    Aerodynamic optimization for towing 2.53 m width and 4 m height obejcts

    The main task for my Cybertruck will be to tow house segments from the construction hall to the building ground. The main problem for range is here air resistance. The typical speed will be 90 km/h. When the drag = 1, this would mean: 25 m/sec * 10 m² area * 1.3 kg (1 m³ air) * 25²/2 * cw 1 =...