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  1. damnitjim

    FSD Using Cameras in Rain??

    So I’ve been wondering. If Tesla only uses cameras for FSD and not LiDAR, how will it work/react in the rain? My 2021 Audi Q5 rear camera looks like this in the rain:
  2. damnitjim

    F-150 Lightning Review - Throttle House

    Just sharing, thought it was interesting.
  3. damnitjim

    Hummer EV Review - Throttle House

    If this was already shared (posted in March by channel) I apologize. It's interesting how they call it "the most energy inefficient EV." But they definitely make it seem exciting.
  4. damnitjim

    Australia Getting Snubbed?

    Hey all! Not sure if this was posted yet, but I looked and didn't see it. If true, this stinks for Australians waiting patiently for their Cybertrucks.
  5. damnitjim

    Cybertruck NFT Freshly Minted

    For those of you into NFT’s, my buddy just minted one for your trading enjoyment! Then decided to put in his pre-order for like 2025 ?!
  6. damnitjim

    Full Self Driving $10K Cost Applies to All?

    I just logged into my account to poke around out of boredom, and I clicked “modify” and I saw the disclaimer that if I make changes if could affect my place in line along with some other stuff. Then I saw “Full Self Driving $10,000” and promptly selected “discard changes.” Having locked-in my...