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  1. KrodEKid

    New Cybertruck photo angle. No windshield wiper attached

    Or it's not flush so it was not apparent in the angle of the other photo
  2. KrodEKid

    The upcoming 2024 Cybertruck styling was brilliant

    aliens huh? Maybe I'll check my state and see if MUDRSHIP is an available plate. 🤔
  3. KrodEKid

    IDRA shipping a 9k Ton Gigapress to Asia!

    This is good news for IDRA. As it pertains to Tesla is simply speculation. Interesting to see everyone's wheels turning with possibilities though. And yet it's just that spinning wheels. 😆
  4. KrodEKid

    Welcome to 2023, The Year of the Cybertruck (Predictions?)

    Good predictions already. I don't have anything useful to add. I expect to get mine in Summer 2024. 80k in line, double motor, live in Ohio. Still holding out hope for factory pickup and tour option over delivery. Elon was planning to make some nature park of sorts. 🤔 It would be cool if...
  5. KrodEKid

    PSA: Cybertruck body shell exoskeleton is not one contiguous piece of bent steel

    FWIW. My limited understanding about vehicle engineering is that trucks handle most load in chassis which I expect will be stamped steel by the IDRA press for CT. The body panels will provide structural support as needed for as a "safety cage" but most of the strength in a vehicle us required in...
  6. KrodEKid

    Cybertruck reveal night was 3 years ago already! Any forum members attend?

    I watched the event about 11 hours later during a break at work. I am in Eastern time so it was late for me. I didn't expect to make a reservation but when I saw the price I threw $100 down right then. I told my wife a couple weeks later 😆
  7. KrodEKid

    2-Door Cybertruck design sketch displayed at Petersen Museum exhibit

    Thanks for posting. How did we not see this before? 🙈
  8. KrodEKid

    Steel Dynamics identified as the steel supplier for Cybertruck (same as SpaceX Starship)

    Good thing I bought a few STLD when is was $60. Steel as an industry has done good past couple years and may do better when domestic auto makers start making vehicles again. Or not. Too bad I don't have enough shares to buy a CT 😁
  9. KrodEKid

    Rumor: 30 Cybertrucks to be manually built in December 2022 [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS or TWITTER TALK]

    Seems like a reasonable way to prepare for mass production. Especially for a new engineering design for a product. Timing may be questionable.
  10. KrodEKid

    A look at Cybertruck & Cyberquad inside Tesla’s Peterson Museum Exhibit

    Bringing up an old argument... not T slots on bed floor 😋
  11. KrodEKid

    Unplugged Performance Aftermarket Wheels announcement reveals production Cybertruck design?! [UP CYBRHEX Forged Wheels]

    Maybe I'm bad at math, but I reserved a Cybertruck to eventually save money. Not for design or esthetics. I don't think I would recoup value rims so not interested, but happy to there is an aftermarket evolving already. Third party support for truck options could be nice.
  12. KrodEKid

    IDRA Announced 900t Giga Press Has Shipped!

    Is this the new Optimus iteration?
  13. KrodEKid

    Elon says Cybertruck might have options for hitch mounted motor propeller or special wheel hub with paddles 🚣‍♂️

    This news affects my order approximately 0.0% If I was forced to ford a flooded road or creek to save the life of someone in my family I would go for it. Otherwise I'm not interested in testing this out. Call me boring I guess. (Edited typo)