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  1. Sirfun

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    Hey speaking of some Blues. Tedeschi Trucks Band is my current go to for Blues. This is their Anthem:
  2. Sirfun

    4 wheel steering Cybertruck driving video from Tesla Cyber Rodeo event

    Best looking is in the eye of the beholder. I hope you get what you want, but I personally really dislike the wheel covers. From the night of the reveal I didn't like them. But when I saw them at The Petersen, I couldn't stand um. They stick out about an inch beyond the tires and would be a...
  3. Sirfun

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    How about some BB King?
  4. Sirfun

    Tailgate looks dull without logo / design

    I commented a couple years ago how the Cybertruck could be like vans from the 70s & 80s with airbrush artwork on them. A friend of mine took this photo of a SpaceX launch from Joshua Tree.
  5. Sirfun

    How many tires fit in Cybertruck bed? 8 according to new sighting photos (2/3/23)! 🛞

    Yeah, I was trying to capture the lighter gage SS point of the sail door was damaged. Plus, check out the hinges on that tailgate!! Also, the bottom triangular button is for tailgate release. While the other rectangular button is to operate the vault cover. I was also surprised that there...
  6. Sirfun

    Tax incentives finally modified

    No mention of the Ford Mach-E. This was not to help Tesla. It was done to help the other folks. BUT, now you can get a Performance Y and all the color choice and extras you want, and still be under the $80,000 cap.
  7. Sirfun

    New Cybertruck photo angle. No windshield wiper attached

    Seems like the windshield is far from flat. Also, on the thread with video, someone thought that the area behind the rear passenger window was removed. In this photo it looks the same. No BAW probably just means they took it off temporarily.
  8. Sirfun

    Elon: "I was just reviewing the production beta Cybertruck. It is incredible."

    I think you did just fine. Not included in your choices was a Ford ICE truck which sucks way more than the Lightning! Enjoy your new toy!
  9. Sirfun

    The upcoming 2024 Cybertruck styling was brilliant

    Yes I saw that too. Especially the front valance. When I looked at it, I thought it may be for aero & to help in crash testing. It could be used to deflect objects that come in contact with the CT. I went to the Petersen earlier this month and took these photos. The edited in straight lines...
  10. Sirfun

    The upcoming 2024 Cybertruck styling was brilliant

    Wrong, think of an eggshell. Here you go:
  11. Sirfun

    Tesla to announce $3.5B Semi manufacturing facility in Nevada

    Not trying to promote leaving California. But, for young working folks it's a possibility. (The cost of living in Nevada vs. California is significant. Nevada is still 10.5% above the national average, but it's much cheaper than California.) No state income tax:Unlike California, Nevada...
  12. Sirfun

    FSD use at the factory?

    Yep, just think of how much tighter the parking could be if there's no human driver having to open doors. Also, no need to turn on climate controls.
  13. Sirfun

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    Hello Cybertruck, this song is for you.
  14. Sirfun

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    Warpigs fixed you!!!!! :) :D :p ;)
  15. Sirfun

    Over-the-air updates & Insurance

    Lenders require insurance to protect their investment. Here's an example of the requirements they have:
  16. Sirfun

    Elon explains why Cybertruck not out yet... battery cell production is limiting factor

    How does that go, Elon see's cells down by the seashore?
  17. Sirfun

    Elon explains why Cybertruck not out yet... battery cell production is limiting factor

    In yesterday's earnings call I heard Elon answer a question about new products coming out. He was talking about new products that they haven't even revealed. But it really fits with why they didn't start production on the Cybertruck or any other new products over the last year or more. It's in...
  18. Sirfun

    📈 Q4 2022 Tesla Earnings! Cybertruck Production Remains ON TRACK! Status Still Sits at Tooling

    It's gotta really piss them off to hear all the pundits say, "That's a 40% increase from 2021 levels but well south of CEO Elon Musk's promise of 50% growth rates". Especially this year, when every other manufacturer is struggling to grow period! So yeah, Elon and Tesla are lowballing them all!
  19. Sirfun

    Songs for the Cybertruck?

    This should help.
  20. Sirfun

    The Limiting Factor - How the Tesla Semi “Broke the Laws of Physics”

    How about this option? You take your foot off the pedal the vehicle coasts, then when you want to slow down you hit the brakes which is actually regen except in hard braking or the maybe 8mph to stop. Just coasting can't possibly work. Coasting, you would spend WAY too much time going between...