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    More Cybertrucks in the wild

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    Name your top 5 reasons why you pre-ordered a Cybertruck

    1) an all EV I can actually fit comfortably in (I'm 6'7") 2) stainless steel / no paint (I'm lazy and unlikely to take care of the outside / I dont have a garage) 3) FSD (having no spouse/kids, I need a way to get around when I'm old/blind/having a heart attack) 4) I expect it will outlive me /...
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    Cybertruck aerodynamics drag coefficient = 0.39 Cd in new simulation

    No good. Redo it. They left off the side mirrors and BAW.
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    Let's come up with an alternative Beautiful Awesome Wiper for Elon

    vertical tracks along both sides of window with blade that telescopes between them as the window gets wider towards the bottom.
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    Why extend the roof?

    Is structural integrity a plausible reason given that the vehicle has a 30X steel exoskeleton, a structural battery pack and a front and rear mega casting? I am no engineer or expert but I would be very surprised if moving the roof beam edge a few inches is going to add anything to that. Has...
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    Why extend the roof?

    Regarding the tonneau cover conflicting with the mid-gate, take another look at this video from the Reveal Day and note the position of the tonneau cover *inside* what would be the midgate while the cover is fully open: Why can't the midgate fold forward with the tonneau cover inside of it...
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    Why extend the roof?

    If the overall length was shortened, and that was achieved by shortening the frunk, then there's no reason to shift anything forward. Just shorten the frunk. Done. Its only if they shortened the frunk but kept the overall length the same would there be a need to shift the cab forward, to...
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    Why extend the roof?

    If this were the case then why still have a rear window at all? It would be as useless when the tonneau cover is rolled up as it is when the cover is extended. I seriously doubt Tesla would keep a largely or entirely non-functioning window.
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    Why extend the roof?

    If the extra 2 or 3 inches behind the seats is to allow room for the mid-gate mechanism, and the glass roof was extended to cover it, it seems to me that this necessarily means the truck bed got shorter. I'm wondering if it was done to allow the rear seats to sit at more of an angle/less...
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    Why extend the roof?

    Any theories on why they extended the rear portion of the glass roof, which used to line up with the rear edge of the rear doors? (Aesthetically I liked it better before.) Assuming this change doesn't add leg room in the backseat by moving the seats backwards (and therefore doesn't shorten the...
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    Tesla explains its Cybertruck exoskeleton steel supply strategy

    ?? Perhaps Moravy was speaking aspirationally.
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    New Official Cybertruck Footage - Shot by Tesla in NYC & Gigafactory

    Yes, in the description of the YT video the original poster explains that they were at a showroom and used their phone to record a video playing on the tv on the wall. That's why in the first few seconds you can see the frame of the Panasonic TV as he frames up the tv with his phone, as well as...
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    New Official Cybertruck Footage - Shot by Tesla in NYC & Gigafactory

    Footage from Tesla showroom - on the TV.
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    ☀️ New Cybertruck tonneau patent mentions potential use as Solar Panel

    I would think you'd want the option to have the mid gate open AND the tonneau cover closed at the same time. Consider after market camping configurations that rely on an open tonneau and open mid gate for more space.
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    Center Seat Delete Campaign!

    Yes, I am definitely in the minority by quite a lot. And some good reasons were given for having a center seat. But hey, that's one of the benefits of a forum like this. If an idea can't win over the home crowd, it's probably not going to succeed with a larger audience. I appreciate everyone...
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    Center Seat Delete Campaign!

    I don't know about you all, but I think the Cybertruck would be better *without* the front center seat, and a more typical center console instead. Maybe if enough of us make enough noise we can get the powers that be to listen. Who's with me? #centerSeatDelete
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    How Big Is The Interior/Truck Actually?

    I'm wondering about headroom and leg room for the driver. I'm 6'7" (201cm) and have been cramped in my Honda Accord for the past 20 years.
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    What is Tesla's stance on wireless charging?

    I just watched this YT video on the viability of wireless charging for EV's, which seems like a no-brainer to me and the inevitable future, and am wondering if this is on Tesla's radar at all. Tesla has a vested interest in reducing/eliminating range anxiety, and also in an autonomous fleet...