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  1. Macgyverfever

    Will Twitter be incorporated into the Cybertruck? [NOT YET LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS BUT GIVE IT TIME]

    Will Twitter be incorporated into CT/other Tesla vehicles via voice-to-message app (or otherwise for killing a few minutes charging)? Woops I forget.. I am from Kentucky, so if I may also add, 'ya reckon'?
  2. Macgyverfever

    500 mile Cybertruck is a must

    So I work with a guy near my cubicle who likes to rub it in your face that he's better than you because he drinks Chai Lattes, drives a Subaru, recycles, and listens to NPR. Recently, he bought a Macbook Pro 14". When I asked him if he liked it, he replied with his nose in the air "hmm, yea, hmm...
  3. Macgyverfever

    Fortune favors the patient

    Since I suck so bad at making threads, I thought I'd waste some more of your time with another :D: I was just thinking about this both in the shower and on the toilet the other day (and I'm VERY smart on the toilet) and I firmly believe (mind you I am an avid CT holder and believe in CT and...
  4. Macgyverfever

    Tesla employee undergoing Hot Form Stainless Steel Training

    Hello everyone, Not only is this my first post (and is probably useless information haha) but my brother who works as a Mechanical Engineer in the Automotive field is in online training currently for hot forming via Autoform (sheet metal engineering software), and there's a Tesla employee also...