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  1. Tesla semi broken down

    Found this on the line
  2. Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    Edit - the white wrap in front of the frame appears to be same as these wrapped frames posted in October Thread:🤳.5660/
  3. First gen cybertruck vs Second gen

    Is there a silver lining for those that wont see their truck produced for 3-4 years after delivery actually starts (so 2027-2028)? surely there will be battery improvements but what about the motors? Cameras? X factor item? since the entire truck is still just speculative at this point I...
  4. Cybertruck max AC charge rate

    anyone got any good info in the max onboard charger input? We are currently testing a 25kW AC plug on a 100A circuit from (a manufacturer I can’t publicly name yet.) any chance the CT will be able to accept this? I don’t have a list of vehicles that can currently handle this but I know there...