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  1. 💰 Huge Price Cut on all new Teslas. Implications for Cybertruck pricing?

    people bought Tesla model 3/y past 2 years must be sad. Very likely, trimotor Cybertruck will qualify for tax credit.
  2. Any 500mi range updates?

    how do you know?
  3. What CT info would you like to know first?

    hmmm, isn't complete price sheet usually include full spec?
  4. Tesla's China Chief - Tom Zhu, picked to run Cybertruck's Texas Gigafactory [*** NO POLITICS PLEASE ***]

    Article said, he joined Telsa 2014. There was not Tesla China in 2014.
  5. Brown CT

    sell it to UPS after it turn brown. :)
  6. 500 mile Cybertruck is a must

    I don't plan to tow, but 500mile range is must for me. After 3.5+ years of experience with LR Model 3. EV with 310miles range is not a go anywhere vehicle. Especially range drop 20+% in winter(only turn on heat seat).
  7. Tester Cybertruck Prototype Spotted on a Tow Truck!

    Is the passenger door dented? looks like a big gap between the door and fender panel.
  8. Musk: "Cybertruck pricing and specs will be different, but it will be a damn fine product."

    I notice you work in US military. I will not be surprised if Tesla makes few minor modifications and sell to US military for $130k. Maybe $200k :)
  9. Musk: "Cybertruck pricing and specs will be different, but it will be a damn fine product."

    shall I expect Porsche Cayenne more expensive than Porsche 911 Turbo?
  10. Tesla AC -> cool?

    over 90+f, not cool enough.
  11. Will Cybertruck be equipped with the new Tesla battery and motor?

    I am not rich enough to understand different between Merces Benz and Toyota with similar spec but Merces Benz is 3x of price tag of Toyota.
  12. Price Increases?

    As Elon said, it is easy to make the truck, but keep the manufacture cost low is difficult. Assume he projected $70k in 2022 for Trimotor with 2% annual inflation rate. with unexpected inflation rate(8.7%), maybe 10-15% increase. And another 5% increase for additional motor.
  13. Ford to build 600k EV's/yr by end of next year and has 2nd EV truck in the works

    This is great news for all EV fans. Telsa need to get their ass kicked to come up with longer range and more affordable price.

    yeah, 30 years later, I wouldn't be surprise Cybertruck can fly.
  15. Cybertruck

    My number is way before yours. I am willing to sell my for 3x of the price, and I know that is pocket change for Joe.