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  1. Crissa

    Cybertruck reservation order number -- how to tell your place in line

    That wasn't true when the reservations began. -Crissa
  2. Crissa

    A novel use case for a fleet of cybertrucks

    A Gondola does less impact to a valley than a road of traffic... -Crissa
  3. Crissa

    How many Cybertrucks deliveries in 2023 ?

    That would be a strange assumption, but maybe? We're pretty sure there's not more than a million or so pre-orders... The estimates are having trouble with all the other products that have been pre-sold since, so it'll be more and more difficult to figure out when. If you're in the top 40k of...
  4. Crissa

    Now that the truck enters production soon, what will the bed dimensions be?

    As far as we know, it's still ~6.5 feet by ~5 feet. The width is what makes it look so square. -Crissa
  5. Crissa

    📸 Cybertruck spotted with windshield wipers, side mirrors, wheel aero covers removed, staggered wheels/tires!

    Sometimes the bump is cool. It was relevant this time, even. I hate sites that kill threads just because they're old, that doesn't mean they're not still being updated. See also, the reservation number thread. -Crissa
  6. Crissa

    modular battery idea

    It doesn't side-step the problem of carrying the battery like cargo, losing space to the larger battery you're not carrying around, and dealing with the cooling loop like CyberGus pointed out. And then you have the problem of needing alot more batteries for the same number of vehicles on the...
  7. Crissa

    How many Cybertrucks deliveries in 2023 ?

    What age are you now to be told the dictionary isn't prescriptive or omniscient? No, the factory is not in 'production' when it's not produced for sale. -Crissa
  8. Crissa

    4 wheel steering Cybertruck driving video from Tesla Cyber Rodeo event The Cybertruck doesn't have a tall, ladder frame. So you're not perched way up top, and instead, have loads of headroom. -Crissa
  9. Crissa

    How many Cybertrucks deliveries in 2023 ?

    No, they can't, and no, it hasn't. Production cannot start until after the pre-production, production-intent units have completed certification. Mass production is when weekly output goes over 3k/week. This is the terminology that Tesla and other car producers use. Any other definition is...
  10. Crissa

    Cybertruck Ancillary Power ?

    Same. Twice in two weeks. -Crissa
  11. Crissa

    Cybertrucker Owners City Roll Call!

    Santa Cruz, here. Nice sunny morning from Capitola last year. Probably wouldn't take it there, but piling friends into it for a beach day wouldn't be a bad idea ^-^ -Crissa
  12. Crissa

    modular battery idea

    Also, modular units cap your peak power output because of load balancing issues from im-balanced cell age. You'd have a heavier, weaker truck carrying the packs around as cargo, either leaving you with weird gaps in you chassis or taking up cargo space. And how would you move 300 lb battery...
  13. Crissa

    How many Cybertrucks deliveries in 2023 ?

    Literally none of that is proof of a delay. Notice how none of it quotes two similar things? "Originally' and 'initially'. -Crissa
  14. Crissa

    500 mile Cybertruck is a must

    Because they're comparing the high range trim vs the low-range trim? The aerodynamics of the load will also matter alot. -Crissa
  15. Crissa

    Cybertruck Savings Progress

    Ahh, yes, those rules that let unearned income get taxed at a lower rate than labor. Anyhow, you still only get charged on the margin; if you're not already making alot of money, you won't pay much tax. -Crissa
  16. Crissa

    How many Cybertrucks deliveries in 2023 ?

    I don't think you've shown a delay yet. -Crissa
  17. Crissa

    Elon: "I was just reviewing the production beta Cybertruck. It is incredible."

    So more sold than Chevy Bolts. Guy was speeding significantly and slid into a pole. It's amazing anything is recognizable. -Crissa
  18. Crissa

    4 wheel steering Cybertruck driving video from Tesla Cyber Rodeo event

    It's more expensive to make more variants. -Crissa
  19. Crissa

    Full red brake light bar on production Cybertruck confirmed by Elon

    Unless I missed something, at no point has Tesla or Elon mentioned a price above 70k. -Crissa