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    [Video Added!] Cybertruck spotted with new side mirror design! Musk confirms removable (Feb 1, 2023) 📸

    Update: Elon Musk has confirmed in a tweet that these side mirrors are removable. And that there are still small tweaks coming to the Cybertruck, but this is very close to production design. "Yeah. Still many small tweaks to make it better (and the side mirrors are removable by owner), but...
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    Tesla to announce $3.5B Semi manufacturing facility in Nevada

    Soure: Tesla to announce $3.5 billion Semi manufacturing facility in Nevada on Tuesday January 23, 2023 Tesla is preparing to announce a new $3.5 billion advanced manufacturing facility in...
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    Tesla patents new windshield glass capable of novel bends, shapes and curves using Cybertruck as example

    Source: Tesla has filed new patent to manufacture glass that can be manipulated to create novel bends, shapes and curves that can't be achieved with current glass production methods. In the patent application, Tesla...
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    Location of first CCS compatible "Magic Dock" Tesla Supercharger location potentially revealed

    From Drive Tesla Canada Tesla accidentally reveals Magic Dock, hints first Supercharger with CCS compatibility will be in Hawthorne January 21, 2023 Tesla has already opened up their Supercharger network to owners of other electric vehicles (EVs) in more than one dozen countries in...
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    Article: Will Cybertruck's brutalism end big tech minimalism design trend?

    Via Evannex As Tesla prepares to begin producing the Cybertruck later this year, some are pointing out how the electric truck’s bold, futuristic design is at odds with the minimalism of most modern tech. And like any design philosophy bringing a unique and new product to the table, the...
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    Article: Tesla advertising Cybertruck can pull “Near Infinite Mass” — What Does That Even Mean?

    Tesla Claimed Cybertruck Could Pull “Near Infinite Mass” — What Does That Even Mean? But Is It “Near Infinite?” As Jason Torchinsky at The Autopian mentions, there is a way...
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    Tesla bull investor estimates 10,000 Cybertruck deliveries in 2023... you taking over or under? Tesla bull and investor Gary Black believes that Tesla will make Cybertruck deliveries in late 2023 and estimates 10,000 truck deliveries as part of his overall 1.9 million delivery estimate for 2023.
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    Giga Texas Austin factory is getting $717M / 1.4M square feet expansion 🏗️ 🚜

    Articles: Tesla is planning major upgrades for its plant in Austin, Texas, according...
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    Tesla Semi's spacious driver-focused cabin deep-dive look by Tesla engineer

    Cool to see a forum section for the Semi now... here some cool info I was just admiring yesterday. TESLA ENGINEER EXPLAINS SEMI’S SPACIOUS, DRIVER-FOCUSED CABIN Tesla unveiled more...
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    3-Row Cybertruck SUV Possible?

    Via Now the obvious change over the pickup version is that you give up the functionality of the bed for a bigger interior cabin, and ideally, you use that extra cabin space for a third row. There are not many electric vehicle options with a...
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    "Cyber Roundup" trademarked by Tesla Tesla files trademark for “Cyber Roundup,” complete with logo
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    Rivian R1S reviews are very positive

    First reviews of the R1S have dropped and they're very positive...
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    New sighting! Cybertruck + Semi at Michigan International Speedway [June 17, 2022] -- No Wiper on CT

    Video of Tesla Cybertruck and semi making an appearance at Michigan Speedway. 👍 No wiper on Cybertruck! 🤔
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    2022 F150 Lightning Pricing Revealed / Leaked ⚡️ Starts at $39,974 and goes up to $90,874 Updated with the full Lightning playbook: ? 2022 F-150 Lightning Order Bank Playbook With Pricing! ? Ordering Begin 1/6, Build & Price Tomorrow 1/4!
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    Rivian confirms 71K preorders & second plant with 400K vehicles / yr capacity

    Latest Rivian stats & figures announced yesterday:
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    F-150 Lightning battery capacities revealed: 98 kWh / 131 kWh

    See all the info info:–-q-a-specs-infographics.7503/ 98 kWh standard range battery capacity 131 kWh extended range battery capacity Top "Platinum" model gets 280 miles range
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    Hummer EV Trolls Cybertruck in Touchscreen Menu Icon

    In Doug DeMuro's video review of the GMC Hummer EV, there's a shot of a button graphic on the touchscreen menu that shows the Hummer EV driving on / over top of the Cybertruck. ? BTW if you're wondering why that icon is being used for lights, the Hummer's menu system is customizable and Doug...
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    Elon confirms Tesla Cybertruck will have yoke steering wheel and will be a ‘tech bandwagon’ (11/29/21)

    Tesla Cybertruck will have yoke steering wheel, Elon Musk says will be a ‘tech bandwagon’ November 29, 2021 Elon Musk confirmed that the Tesla Cybertruck will have a yoke steering wheel, and he also said that the electric pickup truck will be a “technology bandwagon.” It could mean that...
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    Cybertruck Socks hit the official Tesla online shop ?

    Anyone catch these on the official Tesla online store (under Apparel)? Makes for some fun stocking stuffers ?