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  1. PointHope

    Interesting history, wireless technologies...

    Fascinating stuff, kinda fills one with all sorts of wonderful ideas... All we gotta do is loose the deeply entrenched systems of gumment and petro corruption...
  2. PointHope

    Cybertruck with a side of Pie

    Definitely gonna get me some model Pi. Pretty cool, looks like Apple is in deep doo doo.
  3. PointHope

    Electromagnetic energy measurement; Tesla battery/motors?

    Has anyone measured this energy in current Tesla cars? Is this a consideration in the current engineering of Cybertruck? Our human hearts and brains are electromagnetic generators. Some doctor dudes say EV's affect our own human electromagnetic generators. Are you vibrating yet? :coffee:
  4. PointHope

    Cybertruck, the Paradigm Shifter

    Studied energy management and much of life. The Cybertruck represents a new form of energy management rarely witnessed before. We might see the CT as pure energy on numerous levels. A big one is the apparent built in durability aspect. Kinda looks like the batteries are designed to last one...