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  1. Have you seen this “IT CAME FROM BEYOND” | CYBERTRUCK by JOE SILL

    Don't remember ever seeing this- thanks fpr posting!! Love it!
  2. IDRA 9K Giga Press Set Up Begins at Giga Texas! (Photos)

    Well this is great news- thanks to the photographer!
  3. Musk references Solar Power Option and Solar Wings

    and make all windows transparent solar glass
  4. Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T vs F-150

    Time to drag everyone into the future. The automakers are running stale chassis bc they are scared shitless.
  5. Cybertruck reveal viewing party and reactions!

    event looks amazing- wonder if the truck will drive into the tesla coil field
  6. Tesla Cybertruck Reveal Set for Nov 21st! Invite Teaser Image and Details Inside

    I think Tesla may have a live order counter... I think the big 3 are going to loose their lunch watching the reveal and then watching their old customers walk
  7. Will any of these Cybertruck renderings be accurate

    Bought my ram3500 on capability and looks was a nice side benefit. If the Cybrtrk performs, it can be unconventional all day long.
  8. Purchase notification

    Does your position in the order que depend on when you order? ie 1st to deposit is first delivery?
  9. Tesla CYBRTRK logo forms truck outline!

    They might copy Jeep and put easter eggs all over the truck. This is revolutionary...
  10. Tesla CYBRTRK logo forms truck outline!

    The rearrangement is pretty awesome- good imagination