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  1. Airless Tires not adjustable

    Tire design is a compromise. That is, making one aspect better will make another worse. Airless design is well underway, notably by a Michelin division -- for combat vehicles. Early civilian applications are expected to be for off-road machinery (many early farm-tractor tires were airless)...
  2. 4-Wheel steering

    Depends on what juice you're after. "Crab"? Sure. Want to do a sharp turn by braking one rear (sometimes called a "cutting," "braking" or "tractor" turn)? No -- unless the fronts were steer-turned to a more acute angle than would be safe for a road vehicle.
  3. Airless Tires not adjustable

    They'll have to introduce Bibendum's brother Skelendum as the new icon for them.
  4. 4-Wheel steering

    One poster above listed higher payload as one advantage of rear steer. I can't see that because fixed wheels are less delicate and therefore can carry more weight than movable ones. That's why your car's front end often needs service whereas the back end hardly ever does, and why the...
  5. 4-Wheel steering

    Be glad to explain. Tractors have huge rears usually with aggressive tread, often with weights. That's what gives them the traction that their name comes from. The fronts are more car-size, and lightly loaded. So making a sharp turn, especially a 180, depends on those little fronts. So most...
  6. Lift kit for Cybertruck?

    Yes, after the media got involved.
  7. Lift kit for Cybertruck?

    Off-road? After I lifted my Jeep Commando (remember them?) 4", my wife took it just down the street -- and rolled it! (No harm, except that's one side mirror that would never reflect again.)
  8. Lift kit for Cybertruck?

    That's because the Claims Denier (oops, I mean Claims Adjuster) is not there to serve the policy-holder but the insurer, for whom their first duty is to look for any reason (under the terms of the policy) as to why the claim can be denied. That's what they do for a living, that's their...
  9. Lift kit for Cybertruck?

    HERE THEN A 21-year-old driver was denied an insurance claim after writing off his vehicle, due to it being modified from stock. According to Global News, Modasir Ayobi leased a 2020 Subaru BRZ for $500 per month. He takes great pride in his sports car, and even works two jobs to be able to...
  10. Lift kit for Cybertruck?

    It's hard to be exact because every state and province is individual. I'm not opposing modifications but pointing out that -increasingly, insurance policies require that any alterations from factory specs be declared to the insurer. (There's one report of a claim denial because of an...
  11. Lift kit for Cybertruck?

    I'm sure you're aware that vehicle insurers and law enforcers are increasingly banning changes that could, in their opinion, affect safety, in this case due to handling issues.
  12. Changing tires without a jack or lift

    My 1960s Citroen did that. Set the control to raise it full, put a strut under the side with the bad tire, lower it full. Both wheels on the strut-side stay off the ground. You'd then wrench the bolt. (Not bolts -- there was one per wheel.)
  13. Retractable Studded Tires

    I wonder if those Nokians would be legal in my jurisdiction where studs are outlawed (because they can damage roads).
  14. CT's Airbag Suspension?

    These are separate issues: (1) air suspension, (2) adjustable suspension, and (3) adjustable suspension height. I'm no expert but had a Citroen with (1) (the "air" was actually nitrogen), and (3). (3) had some cool uses, but driving with it raised or lowered wasn't one of them, unless you...
  15. Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    It's good that you know what's important to you because tire design is a compromise. That is, a tire has good points and bad ones, and improving the one costs the other. For instance, you want a quiet ride (especially when electric) and good traction. You want a smooth ride and good handling...
  16. 4-Wheel steering

    Never heard "3-pt turn" ON A TRACTOR but sometimes "brake turn." Whatever it's called, the shorter the wheelbase the more effective the technique -- and wheelbase is short on tractors, long on the CT.
  17. CT's Ride Heights

    In most jurisdictions building-code specifications include garage-entrance clearance. I doubt any mass-market vehicle would be offered that did not respect these standards.
  18. CT's Ride Heights

    I gather that Tesla chargers will take whatever they get, so you could try using what you have, and upgrade only you decide the extra cost is worth it to get the faster charging.
  19. Air suspension in -40C

    Better than air in "air" suspension is nitrogen. No oxidation, corrosion, or condensation can occur because it's inert. That's a proven idea, not a new one, and the extra cost would be negligible.
  20. Airless Tires not adjustable

    Nitrogen molecules are relatively large, so air seepage would be reduced. But only 20% of the air you breath is nitrogen, so any benefit would be minor. Question: When your tires need replacing, apparently you have to stick with original equipment. Why? If you drive easy, what would be the...