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  1. POLL: Regular Steering Wheel or Yoke?

    I'd like to try the yoke for a few blocks and then I'll have an answer for you. I've never seen a land vehicle that has a yoke, or a plane that doesn't. But aircraft yokes don't rotate more than 45 degrees in each direction, whereas vehicle steering wheels (at least those I've encountered)...
  2. Elon confirms Tesla Cybertruck will have yoke steering wheel and will be a ‘tech bandwagon’ (11/29/21)

    Never driven a yoke vehicle but all the many aircraft I've flown are yoke-controlled. So I won't complain about my Cybertruck's (if I ever get it) yoke until I give it a fair trial. My main concern about Tesla's displays and especially controls is that they're not intuitive. But using a yoke...
  3. Over-the-air updates & Insurance

    What it costs to repair? As far as I know, insurance is required only for damage your vehicle causes to others. You don't have to insure it for collision damage, fire, theft, whatever.
  4. Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    I'm certainly no authority but would guess that there are no restrictions other than a generalized "Any load must be secure."
  5. Any REAL updates? Give me SOMEthing...

    I thought others said that what was sitting on the floor did not appear to be the gigapress.
  6. Any REAL updates? Give me SOMEthing...

    Which is when they'll announce a delay until mid-2024.
  7. Any 500mi range updates?

    I'm sorry too, because from what I've read over the years, if anyone knows what they're talking about, it's Crissa.
  8. Cybertruck Body Prototype Casting spied uncovered!! 😲

    Does this mean that the one-of-a-kind Italian gigapress is in place and working?
  9. Is there anyway to make the CyberTruck carjack proof, (so everyone knows you can't take this car)? It has to be a super cool way of course!!!

    No, that is not really "what full coverage insurance Is made for." Insurance is made to enrich the insurer. After paying your claim (less the deductible), they will expect to recoup the payout through cancelling your no-claims discount and/or raising your premium. If that's not likely, they...
  10. Is there anyway to make the CyberTruck carjack proof, (so everyone knows you can't take this car)? It has to be a super cool way of course!!!

    In a couple of years this site will be focused on the many add-ons offered for the CT by Tesla and third-party suppliers.
  11. Elon Says Final Cybertruck Design is Now Locked! Updated Production Timeline = Mid-2023

    Maybe not a good idea to give competitors a year to copy the CT design.
  12. Is there any hope for the 40k Cybertruck?

    If and when the seller's Cybertruck market changes to a buyer's one, there's not much inflation between now and then, and Tesla comes up with a new variant (smaller, more basic), then I'd say the possibility exists.
  13. Giga Austin to start production of Cybertruck in Q3?

    On delivery, we don't know when, where, and what. Sorry.
  14. Cybertruck to use 48V instead of 12V?

    If a 48v battery will fail like a 12v one (after 4-6 yrs) it will surely be costlier than a 12v. Another downside would be problems with connecting accessories that come only in 12v.
  15. Tesla Cybertruck is Now Cheapest Tesla You Can Order

    "A man's reach should exceed his grasp Or what's heaven for?" If you were Mr. Rivian and you had a zillion orders but only a trickle coming out the door, what would you try?
  16. New Members Welcome Area!

    It's a good site. Well-run, lots of clever members.
  17. Custom vanity license plates - have you ordered yours yet??

    That Ram is a dozen years old? Wow. What are the red things?